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Introducing Community Nuggets

Community Nuggets
Community Nuggets
Well, hello hello everyone to our first issue! This is our experiment with Twitter Revue. With Community Nuggets, we will curate for you top 5 Tweets that come under our radar from the community metaverse everyday.
Let’s jump in!

Always take a goals-first approach to community.
David Spinks
The right way to launch a community (IMO):
❶ Identify business & member goals
❷ Create an engagement plan
❸ Launch a community platform

How most companies launch communities:
❶ Launch a community platform
❷ Create an engagement plan
❸ Identify business & member goals
Hedge against outage risk.
Community Coach Carmen
This is a good time for community managers to work out contingency plans if their community platform is down in an outage. This is why I love communities that are multi platform… At the very least send an email to members telling them where to connect right now (if needed).
Feed your curiosity.
Alex Lieberman ☕️
The #1 way to show up on others' Twitter feeds is to spend minimal time on your own Twitter feed.

- Lists
- DMs
- Reading
- Building
- Community
Thou shalt figure out value first before DAO.
Farza 🇺🇸 🇵🇰
DAOs are cool and they’ll be a big deal.

But a DAO that hasn’t figured out how to deliver value for its user is basically just another useless product/community.

Worth just building community for 6-12 months and it’ll become clear on its own if being a DAO is a good fit imo.
To NFT or not to NFT. What's your take?
And that’s a wrap for today!
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Community Nuggets
Community Nuggets @threadohq

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