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The in-between spaces of work - Issue #14

Thoughts Unravelled by Hugo Froes
Thoughts Unravelled by Hugo Froes
This week, I almost didn’t send out my weekly newsletter. Not because I don’t have a lot going on and many thoughts going through my mind, but rather because I’m at the in-between space of many things this week.

The in-between spaces of work
What do I mean by in-between spaces of work? I see it as any type of work that falls in to one of the following categories:
  • When you’re winding down from one piece of work and before you start up on the next piece of work.
  • When you’re doing administrative work, that although important, doesn’t expand/challenge your thinking much.
  • When you need to take a breather from the work, just because your brain needs the rest.
  • When there’s so much going on in your world, that you’re having difficulty focusing on anything other than the most important.
This week for me, it’s almost all of the above in some way and I’ve made a habit of admitting it to myself when that happens.
It’s okay to…
… admit you don’t have all the answers.
… accept that you sometimes need more hours of sleep.
… prioritise what needs to get done and accept that some things will fall to a later stage or completely.
… take a breather and come back to something later if you’re not currently being efficient.
… not read at all. You’re no less of a person because you don’t read anything for a bit.
… accept the quiet moments between pieces of work.
Sometimes there are days that you just don’t have some incredible idea to throw at the masses or mind altering concept that will make everyone question what they know.
And so, this week’s newsletter is a bit simpler.
Feel free to let yourself keep things simpler occasionally too.
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Thoughts Unravelled by Hugo Froes
Thoughts Unravelled by Hugo Froes @thehugofroes

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