Thomas Schrijer

Designer @wetransfer. Things about internet, design and music!

Designer @wetransfer. Things about internet, design and music!

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Thomas Schrijer 👋 - Issue #14

Hello hello! Have fun reading my newest digest. Have a comment? Feel free to respond. (Finally, GIF integration on Revue! 💪 I will try my best to find gifs wherever I can.)


👋– Thomas Schrijer #13

Hello hello! Have fun reading my newest digest. Newsletters don’t have to be a one way channel—if you have any comments or see something interesting, just reply on this email!


👋 — Thomas Schrijer Issue #12

You might wonder what I do from day to day, so it couldn’t hurt to share some things we make at Present Plus.


#11 The List Issue

Time to recap 2015! I’d like to dedicate this newsletter to lists, because I love lists.I changed my sending day—I found out most people don’t work on Sundays 🙃. Always wondered why so few people checked out my newsletter. I also want to say hi to all my new …


Sunday Six #10

📰 This article The Nine States of Design lets you realise there is more than that one ideal state of the product you're designing for. 9️⃣✏️


Sunday Six #9

Thanks folks! Also follow me on snapchat (thomasschrijer) if you want to see more of my week.


Sunday Six #8


Sunday Six #7

Here’s a bonus pic ;)


Sunday Six #6

Sunday Six, number six! I'm back from my time of. Boy, was that cool. I visited a bunch of inspiring cities like Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Vienna and Berlin by train. It's like multiple vacations in one. I'm back at work for a wee…


Thomas - Issue #5

That’s it, now I'm going to Kings Landing!


Sunday Six #4

Here is issue 4! Sorry you had to wait for 3 weeks for this one, sometimes the internet is just not that interesting. Or, I’m too picky and don’t make time. :P


Sunday Six #3


Sunday Six #2

Welcome to #2. I thought of a theme. Every Sunday I share 6 items handling internet, design, food and music. Sunday Six. I love themes. I always wanted to blog about things that I stumbled upon, I even tried multiple times—but failed. Hopefully it will be …


Sunday reads

While typing this, a tiny baby cat is sleeping on my lap. Her name is Guus and she is with us a week now. 😻