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This Week In React #88: Remix, Next.js, React 18, Storybook, Skia, Expo, Turborepo, Nx, Rising Stars, Learning Patterns...

This Week In React #88: Remix, Next.js, React 18, Storybook, Skia, Expo, Turborepo, Nx, Rising Stars, Learning Patterns...
By Sébastien Lorber • Issue #88 • View online
Hi everyone!
Thanks a lot for the great feedback on my 2021 retrospective: as you can see, I am quite serious about this newsletter and will try to keep building it in public.
Lots of links this week: I’m covering 3 weeks due to my Christmas break 😝 hard to comment everything.
You know I love everything about cross-platform. My favorite pick this week is React-Native-Skia
Beautiful end of year for Remix: lots of blog posts, many positive feedback, a newsletter, and a whole ecosystem is setting up.
Vercel continues to hire massively. Positive community feedback on Turborepo, and we start to understand better how it is different from Nx.
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Great overview of all the popular JavaScript projects in 2021 (based on GitHub stars), including many useful comments. A good way to catch-up with what you may have missed in 2021.
I had the opportunity to comment the Build Tools section.
Swyx wrote a good intro to Turborepo, particularly useful if you don’t have time to watch the video.
Note: Nx is a similar project, older and more featured (growing fast this year). They created a page to compare Nx and Turborepo. Jared Palmer comments: “Turbo aims to underdo the competition”: do less (on purpose) and be a simpler tool. In my opinion there’s room for both, and we should see them grow in 2022.
See also 🎥 Video with Swyx + Nx creators: just published
Joe Previte
Me waiting for Vercel to acquire my open source project
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Sébastien Lorber

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