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This Week In React #82: React 18 beta, Remix, React-Location, Expo, Rust, Next.js, TypeScript...

This Week In React #82: React 18 beta, Remix, React-Location, Expo, Rust, Next.js, TypeScript...
By Sébastien Lorber • Issue #82 • View online
Hi everyone!
Another busy week! React 18 in beta, Remix, React-Location, Expo Application Services…
This week, the Twitter thread has been upgraded! I tried to capture the essence of what matters in a single picture with quick collages (I love the new Excalidraw image support!). Please let me know if you like it with a comment or retweet.
I plan to share more personal updates soon and build this newsletter in public, stay tuned for the very first special edition.
I now feel my newsletter activity could become sustainable: my French newsletter just led to 2 successful React-Native hires, and is at $1k MRR with job sponsorship!
See you next week!
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