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This Week In React #77: Remix, Sapling, Expo, TypeScript, React-18, ESLint, npm, Jamstack, CSS...

This Week In React #77: Remix, Sapling, Expo, TypeScript, React-18, ESLint, npm, Jamstack, CSS...
By Sébastien Lorber • Issue #77 • View online
Hi everyone!
I’ve settled on the launch date: it will be next week!
I initially wanted it to be the 26th, as I’ve started posting Twitter threads exactly that day one year ago, but it wasn’t a good fit 😅
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I switched to Revue instead of TinyLetter, due to the new Twitter integration. Revue also makes it easier to embed a tweet, so I included some of my favorite picks!

Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
0/ This week in React

👉 Remix: funding, open-source
👉 Sapling React IDE extension
👉 React-18: lib upgrade guides
👉 Expo: SDK 43, new module infra, myths, demos
👉 TypeScript: Wix, generics, skeletons, todo-or-die, tsm
👉 Partytown sync communication
👉 ...

🧵 Details 👇
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
1/ The @remix_run React meta-framework team announced a $3M VC funding

Will finally be free & open-sourced as MIT!

- v1 incoming

- Bet on web fundamental principles

- Progressive enhancement: hydration can be optional

- No serverless cloud lock-in
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
2/ @kentcdodds wrote about all the technical details behind his new website, which is likely the largest @remix_run deployment

Very long, hard to TLDR.
It's worth taking a look at to see what a modern tech stack looks like.
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
3/ @TeamSapling rethinks how we navigate across IDE files

🛑 FS tree navigation

✅ Statically analyze your React app and create a React navigation tree
(looks a bit like DevTools)

Works for VSCode + React

Later: support other IDEs and frameworks
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
4/ @sebmarkbage created several React-18 Library Upgrade Guide entries

<head> is at the beginning of HTML: it complicates things for SSR streaming API integration

Lib/fwk authors need upgrade for use-cases: <head>, css-in-js, <link stylesheet>...
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
5/ React & TypeScript: use generics to improve your types by @PierreOuannes

Good intro to generics

Analysis of the useState TS signature

Ends with a generic <Select> comp working with string or number
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
8/ @notbrent introduced the new @expo SDK 43

In beta ~1 week

Experimental: Hermes on iOS! (including Expo OTA updates)

React 17
React-Native to 0.64 (with Hermes supporting proxies 😜)

🤔 Almost wonder what stops Hermes from becoming the default now
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
12/ 8 Tips for Converting That Big Project to TypeScript

@WixEng is incrementally migrating a 2018 JS project to TS, and @matanharsatshared feedbacks

Some unusual but interesting tips:
- prioritizing
- teach teammates to read TS errors 😆
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
14/ typescript-todo-or-die-plugin by @ngnijland

This TypeScript plugin allows expired TODO comments to fail your build

Nice idea!

I don't like much the idea of extending TS, particularly for syntax
For comments that looks safe enough to give it a try
Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 🦖 ⚛️ 📨
15/ tsm by @lukeed05

Allows running TS code directly in Node.js

Looks like a modern, faster (using esbuild) version of ts-node, and here's a comparison:
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