By Sébastien Lorber

This Week In React #101: Astro, Redwood, Next.js, Remix, React-Admin, Rust reducers, WebComponents, Gatsby, TypeScript, Rome...





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This Week In React #101: Astro, Redwood, Next.js, Remix, React-Admin, Rust reducers, WebComponents, Gatsby, TypeScript, Rome...
By Sébastien Lorber • Issue #101 • View online
Hi everyone!
A nice diversity of React articles this week! I liked those with Rust/WASM and Web-Components.
Last week was Launch Week for Astro and Redwood, there were some exciting announcements.
It’s calm on the React-Native side.
TypeScript 4.7 is available in beta, another great release with ESM support in particular!
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Astro is a modern meta-framework capable of using any UI lib (including React). It now supports server-side rendering, available experimentally in v1.0 beta. Like Remix, the framework offers a layer of adapters for deployment to multiple targets.
François takes as an example a simple admin interface in React, based on MUI and React-Hook-Form. The code is initially quite verbose, 90 lines. He gradually refactors this code by creating reusable abstractions, to end up with a declarative and expressive code of 20 lines.
He explains that these abstractions are actually the v4 of React-Admin (v4.0.0-RC.1 available). This new version is based on a more modern stack and is more modular: it exposes high-level components (based on MUI by default, can be swapped) but also low-level primitives to create your own framework. See also the full series of v4 articles.
Interesting reflection on the need (or not) to memoize the value of a React context according to the position of the provider in the tree. Personally, I still prefer to always memoize for safety, as you never know if the provider will not be moved somewhere else.
Feedback on the integration of existing Rust business code into a React app through WebAssembly and the challenges encountered: non-ideal binding, serialization WASM bridge cost… They need to access the same state on both sides (Rust and TypeScript). Solution: create the reducers in Rust, and return a state diff to TypeScript.
Shows how to use React to create a Web Component. It looks relatively simple, and can be useful in some specific contexts 🤔. Not to be confused with the use of Web Components from React (will be officially supported later).
Gives some hints on when/how to split into smaller subcomponents. Also evokes an important Clean Code principle (without naming it): Single Level of Abstraction.
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Another great TypeScript release! The long-awaited ES Modules support and package.json “exports” which allows to create several entry points for the same Node.js package. Many other improvements and new features, including “moduleSuffixes” useful for React-Native.
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