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This Week in Elixir and Erlang - Issue #10

This Week in Elixir and Erlang
This Week in Elixir and Erlang - Issue #10
By Preslav Rachev • Issue #10 • View online
Welcome to another edition of This Week in Elixir and Erlang.
These issues are based on a dedicated Murmel feed, which compiles the best of the Elixir and Erlang community on Twitter. If you want to sustain our continuous effort, you can check out Murmel, our core product, and see if it can make daily information intake a bit easier.

Thinking Elixir Podcast 101: Replicating SQLite using Litestream with Ben Johnson
Episode 101: @BenBJohnson explains Litestream, his tool that replicates SQLite databases to remote servers and backup locations like S3. We talk through using it with @ElixirPhoenix applications and what that would mean. @ElixirLang #ElixirLang #sqlite
The Comprehensive Guide to Elixir’s List Comprehension | Mitchell Hanberg
New article! #MyElixirStatus

The Comprehensive Guide to Elixir's List Comprehension

List comprehensions are one of my favorite features of Elixir and I am excited to finally be writing about them!
A reusable Multi-Select component for Phoenix LiveView · Fly
Speaking of paying attention: Oh look! @bemesa21 has a new Phoenix Files post out: A Reusable Multi-Select Component for Phoenix LiveView #ElixirLang
GitHub - lexhide/xandra: Fast, simple, and robust Cassandra driver for Elixir.
Andrea Leopardi 🇺🇦
Hey @elixirlang friends 👋 I’m working on something and wanted to ask the community:

Who is using Xandra (, the @cassandra driver for Elixir?

If you can also tell me roughly what you're doing with it, even better 🪅

DMs are open 📨
Hybrid conference 9-10 June 2022 Training 6-8 June London/virtual | ElixirConf EU
ElixirConf Europe
A 10 year anniversary also means an awesome party!
At this year's special #ElixirConfEU, we will celebrate 10 years of #ElixirLang as a community.
Join us at our after-conference party.
#ElixirX #MyElixirStatus
Programming Phoenix LiveView: Interactive Elixir Web Programming Without Writing Any JavaScript by Bruce A. Tate and Sophie DeBenedetto
This book is your perfect guide to one of the most important new frameworks of our generation.

50% off with promo SPRING2022 #PragProgSpringSale @redrapids @sm_debenedetto #MyElixirStatus
Elixir Mix: Managing Business Rules in Elixir Applications - EMx 175
Elixir Mix
Check out this week's episode of #ElixirMix with @qhwa

#EMx: Managing Business Rules in Elixir Applications
Felt - The best way to make maps on the internet | Product Hunt
Tyler A. Young 🧑🏻‍💻⚗️
Today we get to publicly launch the product I've been working on for the last few months:

@felt makes creating custom maps easy, in a way that dropping some pins on Google Maps never was.

🧵 of some of my favorite maps I've created for my own use...
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