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It’s Not a Goodbye but Welcome

This Week in Elixir and Erlang
It’s Not a Goodbye but Welcome
By Preslav Rachev • Issue #4 • View online

Dear reader,
You have been wondering why there hasn’t been a new issue of This Week in Elixir and Erlang in along while. When I started the series on my blog, I kept it weekly, then it became every two weeks, then …
It’s time to move on.
Working on this series during 2020 has been instrumental for my decisions towards the end of last year. It allowed me to get to know the Elixir community closely and meet some really great people. Yet, it is time to move on. 
I wish I could say it’s only a matter of the current situation. Indeed, ever since I leaped to build my own business, I’ve been (luckily) overwhelmed with work. Yet, it’s not only about that. Writing is an instrumental part of what I am doing, and I want to do more of it. Writing about Elixir and Erlang is definitely a part of it, but I would like to have the freedom to mix it with my other thoughts and interests.
Every end is a new beginning.
This is why I would love to invite all of you to my personal site’s newsletter.
The Wisdom Wrangler
Feel free to stop by, check what I write about, and if you like it, hit Subscribe. I would be more than happy to keep writing for all of you. You can also follow me on Twitter.
So long, and thanks for sticking around!
Did you enjoy this issue?
Preslav Rachev

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