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Announcing My New Project 🎉

This Week in Elixir and Erlang
Announcing My New Project 🎉
By Preslav Rachev • Issue #7 • View online
Dear friends,
I am beyond excited to show you a new project I have recently been working on:

Murmel: Start making sense of your Twitter stream
I am sure that some of you are getting overwhelmed with social media and its addictive nature. We are constantly hooked to the timeline, hoping to find yet another interesting thing to fill our (otherwise, pretty trivial) days. In reality, very little of what appears on the social stream has any meaningful effect on our lives in retrospect.
What if there was a way to tune out the noise and get only the signal? Rather than browsing back and forth for the next thing which will hopefully change our lives, let it come to your “doorstep” once a day.
We built an app that solves this exact problem!
Murmel is a social media noise filter. Unlike most aggregators, it uses two essential criteria to determine whether something would matter to you or not:
  • How popular it is among the people you care for.
  • Its read-worthiness (value to you as a reader)
Let’s be fair, GIFs and memes are great, but few things can compare with a well-written and thought-out story. Identifying and picking those up and from the stream is not a small task for a small team, but we are equipped with intelligent algorithms, which can do much of the sifting work alone. 
Not convinced? Why don’t you check this page out?
Murmel can also work within tighter communities, like my constantly maintained Twitter list of Elixir developers.
What's in it for you?
Murmel works best when you tailor it to your personal interests. How? That’s the best part - if you have a Twitter account (and ideally follow > 500 people), all you need to do is hit the sign-up button. Our machines will start picking up a great selection for you right away.
Murmel is currently in a free beta phase. Ultimately, we plan to release it as a paid-only service because we want to create a sustainable business without having to show you ads, track your lives, or sell your data. We are sure that those of you for whom time spent online and privacy matter will find the price of one cup of coffee per month a great investment.
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Preslav Rachev

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