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Automotive, Systems, Strategy and Mental Models

Automotive, Systems, Strategy and Mental Models

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Key minerals in an EV Battery, CARIAD + Qualcomm, Vehicle-to-grid... - Weekly Roundup

1 CARIAD + QualcommThis week CARIAD (VW Group’s SW Company) announced their long-term partnership with Qualcomm. To understand what this partnership actually means, we need to understand what exactly is CARIAD.CARIAD has 3 main pillars on their website, and t…


Dark side of Electric Cars, ID.3 Benchmarking, New app store partnership for Mercedes

Hi Friends,Here is this week's curated round-up of automotive articles from around the web.1 Dark Side of Electric Cars - See video at the endKey TakeawaysElectric Cars stock world wide has exponentially risen in the 2010’sCobalt is a key ingredient for long-…


#29 - 💻Meta and Social Platforms

A banger of a thread focusing on a core aspect of building early audience on twitter, replying.


#28 - 📈 Quality of a business

Hi Friends,This week, I try to summarize 10 key factors to look into figure out the quality of a business.10 Factors to judge the quality of a businessFrom an investing point of view, "high quality" is subjective. Subjective to your risk appetite, time horizo…


#27 - ☕ Coffee Can Investing

Hi Friends,This week I delve into an investment strategy that is easy to understand and rewarding over a period of time.Coffee Can InvestingCoffee Can investing was first popularized by Robert G. Kirby in an article he published in the fall of 1984.Coffee Can…


#26 - 🍭Nootropics

Hi Friends,This week's topic is Nootropics and a short intro to it.NootropicsNootropics, aka, smart drugs, are supplements that enhance your cognitive functions like memory and creativity. Caffeine is one of the most common nootropic and it is found to increa…


#25 - 💻Content Delivery Across Platforms

Hi Friends,Content Delivery Across PlatformsUsers are exposed to a number of platforms in the digital world. Each platform has it's own quirks.The typical strategy from a creator/publisher point of view is to create a core piece of content. Modify it for diff…


#24 - ➕Prudential Algebra, 💭Accumulating Thoughts

Hi Friends,Prudential AlgebraPrudential Algebra is a decision making algebra first invented by Ben Franklin. To boil it down it is a balancing act between the pros and cons of all the options involved in the decision stretched in a time frame of a few days.Th…


#23 - 🌳Lumber Crisis

Hi Friends,2021, among other things like toilet paper, boba tea and pickle jars, saw a shortage in limber. Let's try to understand what led to the shortage and the subsequent high prices.After the financial crash of 2008, home building took a hit. Causing the…


#22 - 🏞Greenfield vs. Brownfield

Hi Friends,Greenfield and Brownfield investments are ways in which a company can expand into other countries. They are 2 different types of foreign direct investment.Greenfield investment is when the company builds necessary resources from scratch in the new …


#21 - 💻Excel, 🧬Labriculture

Hi Friends,Short on ExcelExcel is a remarkable piece of software. It is used by people from every walk of life. Whether you are developer, data scientist, statistician, analyst. You name it. You can have these wonderful tools that can spit out different kinds…


#20 - 🌍Special Economic Zones, ✨Barnum Effect

Hi Friends,Special Economic ZonesA special economic zone(SEZ) is a designated area in a country with special economic regulations to incentivize foreign direct investment. Usually these incentives are in the form of tax reductions, labour regulations, customs…


#19 - 💰Internet Money, 💪Casey Neistat Work Ethic

Hello Friends,Internet MoneyOne use case that will for sure be filled with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum in the coming years is that of internet money.Just like we had an era of web-first applications and shops, which then became mobile-first. Internet-first…


#18 - ✨WYSIATI, 🍔Big Mac Index

Hi Friends,This week I cover 2 topics, What you see is all there is and the Big Mac Index.WYSIATI, coined by Daniel Kahneman. Even though we like to think of ourselves as rational and objective human beings when making decision. The truth is that we are very …


#17 - ⚖ If all else equals, 🕶 Hindsight Bias

Hi Friends,"If all else equals" is a piece I wrote about a though process that I have found myself doing. A common shortcut our brain takes during comparing two options is to, at least for the moment assume everything else is the same between the 2 options. H…


#16 - 🎛 Skeuomorphic Design, 📐 Problem of Points

Hi Friends,Problem of PointsProblem of Points is a classical problem in Probability.The setting of the problem is a game played between two. Each round of the game has an equal likelihood of any player winning. It is agreed upon before the fame that the first…


#15 - 🌆Spawning Businesses, ✅Judging Decisions

Hi Friends,Businesses that spawn off other businesses is a special breed.Every successful business has done at least a few things right if not many. They have to find a product or service that they are good at. Possess some characteristic that differentiates …


#14 - 💰Parimutuel Betting, ⚖Comparative Advantage

Hello Friends,This week's posts are about Parimutuel Betting and the concept of Comparative Advantage.Parimutuel stands for mutual betting. All the bets of a particular type are placed in a pool after deducting the house cost. This kind of betting is differen…


#13 - ➗Gini Coefficient, 💲Pricing Power

Hi Friends,This week I looked into 2 topics; Gini coefficient and Pricing Power.The Gini Coefficient is a statistical measure of dispersion. It is an indication of the spread of data similar to standard deviation and variance. In economics, the Gini coefficie…


#12 - ⛵Light Sails, 🧠Flynn Effect

Hi Friends,This week I looked into Light Sails and the Flynn Effect. Light sails, aka Solar sails is method to propel a spacecraft using light. The light from the Sun exerts a radiation pressure on these sails that accelerates the spacecraft. However, the mag…