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#15 - 🌆Spawning Businesses, ✅Judging Decisions

#15 - 🌆Spawning Businesses, ✅Judging Decisions
By Hari • Issue #15 • View online
Hi Friends,
Businesses that spawn off other businesses is a special breed.
Every successful business has done at least a few things right if not many. They have to find a product or service that they are good at. Possess some characteristic that differentiates them from their competitors. Find a market to sell to. And be profitable at the same time.
Businesses in itself are a beast of an animal.
Then there is this special breed of businesses. That can not only do all of the above, but can spawn off other businesses at the same time. By spawning off, I don’t mean extending an existing product line or expanding into nearby verticals. But building entities that are not in their primary field of expertise and building them into independent businesses. Read more here.
Judging decisions based on the outcome is a flawed way of thinking.
A decision is good or bad not based on the outcome but based on what information was available at the time the decision was taken and what heuristics were applied to reach a particular decision. Tweets like these are quite common. “If you had invested 10$ in X 10 years ago now you would be a millionaire”. Read more here.
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