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#12 - ⛵Light Sails, 🧠Flynn Effect

#12 - ⛵Light Sails, 🧠Flynn Effect
By Hari • Issue #12 • View online
Hi Friends,
This week I looked into Light Sails and the Flynn Effect.
Light sails, aka Solar sails is method to propel a spacecraft using light. The light from the Sun exerts a radiation pressure on these sails that accelerates the spacecraft. However, the magnitude of force is quite low. A sail of dimensions 800m x 800m will experience a force of about 5 newtons at Earth’s distance from the Sun. Read more here.
The Flynn Effect is the increase of intelligence test scores over the 20th century. The IQ measure is measured around 100 and their standard deviation on either sides. Over the years, the mean is adjusted based on the sample population and it is observed that the mean shifts upwards a few basis points. Read more here.

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Shreyas Doshi
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Very visual story thread👇🏾
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