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#10 - ✨Lindy Effect, 🔬Microfactory

#10 - ✨Lindy Effect, 🔬Microfactory
By Hari • Issue #10 • View online
Hi Friends,
Arrival, a UK based electric vehicle startup is pioneering a concept to develop microfactories to build their vehicles.
Typically factories follow a serial architecture. At the beginning of the chain is the raw material. Which is then passed onto a series of stations that perform a specific task on the material. This enables large volumes to be produced and opens up possibilities to optimize material flow and tasks performed at each station. But one drawback is that it is difficult to manufacture different variants or even different products on the same production line. Serialized manufacturing units are common in a lot of industries. Read more here.
Another topic for this week is the Lindy Effect.
The Lindy effect is a phenomenon where the future life expectancy of an item increases with each year survived. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, there are a few explanations to this effect. The effect mainly applied to non-perishable items. Items that do not have an expiration date governed by unstoppable forces. Time plays an important role in this effect. Longer an item is in play, the better fine-tuned it becomes. More equipped it will become to survive the coming times. Read more here.

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Video of the Week
The Beatles:  Get Back - A Sneak Peek from Peter Jackson
The Beatles: Get Back - A Sneak Peek from Peter Jackson
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