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Things of Internet
Things of Internet: The best 'demonstration ads' I've seen
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Hello and thank you for opening this email in the midst of a long weekend. I know I was to do part 2 of my predictions, but I haven’t had time to think properly, so will do that next week.
For now - something sweet from the archives.
I’m a big fan of ‘demonstration’ advertising done right. You know, testing your product’s claimed USP to the max - often to jaw-dropping or hilarious effect. Some of my favourites below.

Getty Images: 873 images that say a story
This is my all-time favourite. Getty made a full short film - using just its stock images. It’s a simple but touching story. Brilliantly edited and researched - it took 6 months to get this done.
From Love to Bingo    Getty Images   AlmapBBDO
From Love to Bingo Getty Images AlmapBBDO
BlendTec: Will It Blend?
You can’t talk about demonstration advertising on digital without talking about Blendtec’s crazy series, where the CEO tries to destroy all kinds of things. It might seem destructive and wasteful, but it’s shockingly effective - if this mixie can turn an iPhone into smithereens, it shouldn’t have a problem with your smoothie. Full series here.
Will It Blend? iPhone X
Will It Blend? iPhone X
BMW's Walls
It’s one thing to say you have great steering and control. It’s another to get a stunt driver to do this.
Walls - MPowered Performance - BMW 1M
Walls - MPowered Performance - BMW 1M
As part of the same series, they got the same car to do a donut stunt on a Helipad.
Other favourites
The Volvo Trucks - van Damme stunt was essentially a product demo (stability), and those of a certain vintage might remember this Amaron - chicken leg ad from over 2 decades ago.
AMARON BATTERY - Chicken Leg Commercial
AMARON BATTERY - Chicken Leg Commercial
I like these examples because they don’t go the airy-fairy route: If they say they’re the fastest, they demonstrate it. Emotional adjectives like fun, youthful, best customer service etc are slightly dodgier - but can be done. Here’s KLM demonstrating the latter.
I’m sure there are other examples - I remember there was some car brand touting its toughness and instead of macho imagery, chose to throw the car off a building (unscathed). If you can think of any, let me know!
It’s worth thinking about for your next brand campaign: If you use a functional adjective to describe your product - how can you best showcase it?
By the way: I'm launching a mini-course for NGOs
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The updates section
Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, said on Friday it doesn’t own India-based platform WazirX despite disclosing the acquisition two and a half years ago in a move that has baffled industry players, including the Indian firm that insists the purchase did take place.
The reads section
Recommendation: Curated Commons
My friend and general-peddler-of-sagacity Subbu runs an excellent newsletter where he curates reads from technology, business and culture. It’s free, and is into its 100th edition this week. If you like Things of Internet, I guarantee you will love what he does. Subscribe here.
Fast Company’s list of most creative people in business. Terrific profiles of entrepreneurs, creators, policymakers and more.
Brilliant campaign: Heinz using DALL-E
Heinz has been doing the “ketchup = Heinz” playbook for a while now (remember the drawing campaign?), so it was only natural to see them ask the powerful AI tool what it thought. The results are unsurprising.
Heinz A.I. Ketchup
Heinz A.I. Ketchup
Bonus: A nice read about sauces in India, from the fantastic long-read-a-week website FiftyTwo.
Tweets 'n' threads
Candice Huber
The New Yorker really released a whole article about how much we need bookstores and linked every book mentioned in it to Amazon. 😕
This is an absolutely crazy thread.
I was on the IMDb page for an upcoming Ranbir Kapoor movie Animal. In the cast details, I found a name I didn’t recognize.

Finding out about this guy led me to the world of how young Indian men from small towns are gaming the system to manufacture their fake online clout 👇
And well, here’s a strange SEO win.
Deepak Gopalakrishnan
The SEO win I totally did not expect was Axis Bank talking about south Indian (or well, Indonesian) cuisine
See you next week!
And have a happy long weekend. Or, well, a good week - depending on when you see this.
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