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The Traveling Fool - Issue #38

The Traveling Fool
The Traveling Fool - Issue #38
By Bob Bales • Issue #38 • View online
It seems like almost every month you hear something about an attack at a place of worship, hotel, school or tourist attraction. Whether there are more of these occurring today than before or because of instant news and social media we are just more aware of it is up for debate. There have been sensational attacks occurring for years. In years past we attributed it to the fact some people are just evil but it seems today that someone other than the person that committed the atrocity needs to be blamed. It also seems that when this occurs the average person who travels once a year for vacation or is thinking about their first international trip becomes concerned over safety issues to the point of maybe cancelling their trip. For the most part you will be safe when you travel. By taking a few precautions you can have a safe and memorable trip. I have written on this a few times and the advice is still current today. I recently updated an post about travel safety and you can read it here.

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