The Timeline

By Shayne Nuesca

Monthly-ish recap of hit tweets and other musings by a very online journalist

Monthly-ish recap of hit tweets and other musings by a very online journalist

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Where do we go next?

I spend a lot of time online, and I've been pretty open about my struggles with that.I recently moved on from public media and joined a national media nonprofit, and my relationship with the timeline (both the actual one on Twitter and this newsletter) is evo…


Is it cake?

Remember when I complained about January being the longest month in the year? Well, February flew by and now we're more than halfway through March. What I've been up to:Rolling out a community engagement project for my home state. (We published our first stor…


January will end eventually

It feels like we're on day 350 of January and we have 650 more to go. So much has happened on the timeline already. And to be honest, it was quite hard picking what to include in my first list of "things I saw on the tl that you should know about" of the year…


What we might see on the timeline in 2022

The answer is: Yes. But I'm saying it anyway! Happy New Year!We're in year two of this newsletter/weekly/monthly-ish collection of internet things. The first year was like a movie. I created this on a whim and had no idea where it would go. But here we are! S…


🎁 Get an invite to Twitter Communities! Join #AudienceJournos

I have something special for all of you audience strategists, editors and producers in journalism (and adjacent industries). Consider this my gift to you for the holidays!When Twitter rolled out Communities, I jumped at the chance to submit a request to creat…

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How I create a social media strategy — and let it evolve

You've probably been there.You're in a new position or embarking on a new project. You're asked to lead an organization's social media efforts. But there's a problem: There is no strategy. You have to build it from zero.But since you're a member of this newsl…


Will you delete Facebook?

For about six hours, we lived in a world without the Facebook multiverse. We made it out, y'all! Everything is fine. I think.I don't know that I'd have a Facebook profile if I didn't need one to manage a page for work. At the same time, Instagram is my second…


Going through changes

The days are getting colder and darker in my part of the world. If it's the same for you, I hope you're taking care of yourself too.The last quarter of the year is always a time of reflection for me. It's a time when I look back at where I started this year, …


Crying about Blue's Clues and screaming about Shang-Chi

We hit a milestone a few weeks ago. We've been at this for more than 6 months, y'all!But, I do have to apologize. One of the newsletter signup forms I put up wasn't working properly. A whole bunch of you haven't been receiving this newsletter even though you …

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Alaska Twitter, explained

The timeline is a mess — especially in Alaska.Alaska Twitter took over my feed this last week, and I broke one of my rules: Don't post too much about news.I made that rule months ago, for my mental health, when I decided to draw boundaries between my work in …


PREVIEW: The Alaska Twitter edition (featuring Olympic champion Lydia Jacoby, an earthquake, tsunami alert and beached whale)

This is a preview of a members-only issue of "The Timeline." This version has been edited for style and length.If you want to learn more about what makes Alaska Twitter and hyperlocal online communities great and what your content should include to engage the…


😏 Notice anything?

When I started this newsletter, the idea of breaking down all of the trends and viral moments from each week sounded like it would be fun. I'd always wanted to create something like a roundup that people could use as a sort of weekly digest. And, I wanted to …


I'll be back!

I wanted to send a quick note. Your inbox won't have an issue from me tomorrow. I'm letting you know ahead of time this time!I haven't had the chance to keep up with what's happening this week, and I'm taking a break from writing.For now, stay in touch with m…


Make the internet fun again

The first time I dabbled in any type of online audience engagement was before those words rolled off people's tongues as quickly as they do now. The first online project I ever created was a music "news" website where I'd publish a list of new releases every …


I am once again talking about the internet

Y'all were busy this week.And by y'all, I mean all of us on Twitter.There was a lot of news to scroll through this week, and there were some lighter moments too.For platforms, we saw some new features and tools for creators — and more signs that social audio …


i am burning out

I came across a tweet talking about people with audience-focused roles in newsrooms, and it hit me right at my core.


Thinking of you, creators 💖

What's up, fam?I wanted to start off this newsletter with something like "I've been reflecting ..." but I haven't been doing that.To be more accurate, I've been looking over all of the years I've spent online and how much I've shared in nearly two decades of …

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🚀 The Internet 101

I am glad you're here! This portion of the newsletter is for members only. Thank you so much for your support.Here are some resources to check out before we dive deep into internet culture, platforms and everything in between.


Maybe I don't wanna go outside

I was in a Clubhouse room with people talking about if they're ready to go out and meet people again.Generally, people are looking forward to it. One person said they'd wait until the virus is completely eliminated — to which someone responded, "See you in 20…


Would you pay for it? 🤔

I hope you had a good week!I'm going to start off by saying thank you to the subscriber who let me know there was a misspelling in last week's subject line. (LOL please don't go through your inbox to find it!)I knew I could count on you all to have my back. 🙌…