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The Timeline
Twitter is on a roll. Honestly, I can’t keep up.

Sup, fam?
How have you been?
It’s been a fun week on the timeline. There have been a slew of new features coming out; it feels like there’s something new every other week now.
This week also had a lot of light moments on the timeline, and I hope this issue makes you smile.
Twitter is busy
Twitter Verified
So we’re baaaaaaaaaack

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The blue checks are here! Well, not quite. But the new self-serve Twitter verification application is here!
I went through the process on the web app after noticing a “request verification” link in my account settings. It was intuitive.
Different categories have different requirements to get verified. It seems like you’ll need an ID to verify your identity for any of the verifications for individual accounts.
This process feels more clear than what was available previously, which was just a form on Twitter’s website until 2016 when the verification program went on hiatus.
Twitter also rolled out scheduled Spaces and more ways to promote a space within the app.
good news: hosts can now schedule a Space for later. don’t worry about setting an alarm, hosts will receive two notifs: a 30 min reminder and a second one at the start time. https://t.co/HK90ErScpL
Hosts can schedule a Space for up to two weeks. Once you schedule a space, you also have the option to promote it in a tweet with a card that Twitter generates for you. It includes a button people can tap to be notified when you start your Space.
Twitter is also working on Ticketed Spaces, which is exactly what is sounds like — pay to get a spot in a Space.
Tanay Jaipuria
Twitter launching "Ticketed Spaces" soon, with the following revenue split:

• Creator: 56%
• Apple/Google: 30%
• Twitter: 14% https://t.co/Z3ysh3DPJh
These new features are huge moves for Twitter. In some way, it’s Twitter’s move into the creator space. So many creators use Twitter as a supplemental platform to their main outlets, but maybe these changes will push them to create more on Twitter.
As someone who has used Clubhouse and listed to town halls with its founders, I do see some of the features they’ve talked about building ending up on Twitter.
Call it a coincidence (If you want to; it’s probably not.). But it just shows that Twitter has the capability to roll out these features faster.
Olivia f------ Rodrigo
"Sour" Olivia Rodrigo album cover (Interscope, Geffen)
"Sour" Olivia Rodrigo album cover (Interscope, Geffen)
Olivia Rodrigo is the one for Gen Z.
She hit 1 billion streams with “Drivers License” earlier this year — the first song to ever hit that milestone. Her song “good 4 u” from her debut album “Sour” is currently No. 1 on Spotify’s global charts.
Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)
Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)
A M A Z I N G.
Eugene Yang may have summed it up best.
Eugene Lee Yang
Olivia Rodrigo is IT. The voice. The lyrics. The aesthetic. The talent. The FEELING. The lack of parallel parking skills. Truly outstanding. Can’t wait to watch her rise to even greater success. #OliviaSour
I also just want to add that Olivia and Bella Poarch are running the internet. It’s good to see two proud Filipinas killing the game on this holy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
Thank you very much.
Scroll stoppers
The Linda Lindas took over our timelines and we’re here for it. Their song “Sexist, Racist Boy” is brilliant and, honestly, I’m going to be screaming it all summer.
To top it off, they landed a record deal!
In case you missed it
🎧 Starting in June, Discord will roll out Stage Discovery that lets people find live stages they can join and listen to.
👥 Instagram is letting you add your pronouns to your bio.
💰 Influencers say a marketing agency they worked with owes them a bunch of money.
🕶 Snap spectacles are still a thing? I forgot about them but apparently, they’re still around.
💬 Chicago’s mayor says she will only grant interviews with reporters of color.
🔤 More YouTubers are adding closed captions to their videos after YouTube stopped community contributions.
🏠 All iOS users on Clubhouse can now get payments sent to them through the app. They’ve also added a couple of features that help with discovery.
Before I go
We’re more than a dozen issues deep, y'all!
That said, I’m always looking into new formats and seeing what sticks.
I’m also working on how I can give you more insight into internet culture and all of its parts.
I won’t say too much now, but keep an eye on your inbox.
Until next time,
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