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The Timeline
Remember when we (talking to you millennials … we are old) would create a new blog or page just for fun because we felt like it? I did that.

Back to the beginning
The first time I dabbled in any type of online audience engagement was before those words rolled off people’s tongues as quickly as they do now.
The first online project I ever created was a music “news” website where I’d publish a list of new releases every week. I didn’t get many hits but that website led me to Twitter and led me down the path I’m still on now.
The internet has given me a lot. Who knew a hobby could turn into skills — lucrative skills — I could use in the future, for a career?
But that’s just it. It’s a job. The internet is a job now.
I couldn’t have ever imagined that. And while I see its benefits, I wish we could just make things to make things. That’s partly the reason I created this newsletter. And so I did something this week.
I wanted to do something fun, so I turned to my second-favorite platform to do that: Instagram. And I went back to how I got online in the first place: music.
I started an Instagram profile where I curate songs I’ve been listening to lately. I’m calling it my “IG for my sad girl playlists.” I’ve also been streaming music on Stationhead (another social audio app).
I’m not looking at numbers. I’m not thinking about what followers want. I’m doing it because it’s fun. I missed that.
Social media is a lot of information, multimedia and trash coming at you all at once. When it’s part of your job, you’re never really off of it, because you can’t get off of it. But there are ways to use it so that it can be a place that brings you more joy instead of one that makes your blood boil. You can also just turn it off and go offline; that’s fine too.
But since you’re subscribed to this newsletter, I know you somewhat still want to stay in the loop. So let’s get into this week’s issue.
Scroll stoppers
On Monday, Jay-Z joined Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Twitter Spaces and talked about Tidal — the streaming platform Jay-Z bought in partnership with other artists in 2015. I liked what he shared about adapting and diving into streaming because it wasn’t a choice. It’s where people are, and if you’re serious about being a functioning artist, you’re going to be there. I feel the same about journalists and newsrooms who want to tap into audience engagement. You need to meet people where they are.
Track star Sha'Carri Richardson has been suspended from the U.S. Track and Field team after a positive marijuana test. She said she used marijuana to cope after learning about her mother’s death. After the news about her test became public, she shared a tweet saying “I am human.” Many people are showing support for her and are applauding her accountability.
There was a surface fire in the Gulf of Mexico because of a gas leak in an underwater pipeline. People on Twitter used this incident as an opportunity to discuss environmental issues and the responsibilities of energy companies.
Brian Kahn
The Gulf of Mexico is literally on fire because a pipeline ruptured
In case you missed it
🙃 Social media platforms are becoming less about the “social” part and more about keeping up with the fast-growing creator space, coupled with digital marketers who’ve used social media to amplify brand awareness and boost sales. That said, you’re going to start seeing less of your friends on your feed. It’s inevitable. TikTok and Instagram are already on it.
⁉️ Also: The head of Instagram said the platform isn’t about photo sharing anymore. It’s going to start focusing on entertainment. Are we going to see less casual users? Probably? Maybe? Who knows?
📲 This is turning into a “here’s what’s happening ant Instagram” issue … sorry? But anyway, developers are working on letting anyone share a link in Stories, and it looks like they’re working on letting creators publish subscriber-only Stories.
🐦 Twitter might be working on a “trusted friends” list and personas so people with multiple accounts can stop switching between them and can toggle audiences with one profile. (Anyway, I need this! Thank you, Twitter. I knew you were my favorites for a reason.)
💬 Facebook is working on — wait for it — threads. I didn’t want to laugh at this, but I did. I guess I’ll wait to see how people use this. For now, I don’t understand the reason for threads on Facebook other than maybe replacing the practice of creators posting comments that include related content or links to supplement their posts. That’s all I can see threads be useful for on Facebook. But again, I’ll wait.
Before I go
I feel like I tell all of you in every issue that I’m working on content. I really am! It’s just been a long few weeks.
I’m also working on a re-brand for this newsletter to make it less stressful and less tied down to one thing.
It’s evolved over time, and I want to keep it going. Where it is right now isn’t going to let me do that.
Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now!
As always, if you see something somewhere that I should know about, send me a DM on Twitter.
Until next time,
P.S.: I know this is coming to you late. Sorry; I took a really long nap.
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