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January will end eventually

The Timeline
The first month of the year is slow but the internet isn’t.

Woke up and it’s still January. Very rude
It feels like we’re on day 350 of January and we have 650 more to go.
So much has happened on the timeline already. And to be honest, it was quite hard picking what to include in my first list of “things I saw on the tl that you should know about” of the year.
But, alas. Here is what stuck out most recently — at least to me and hopefully for you.
Scroll stoppers
Katie Notopoulos
I'll be the one to say it: justice for West Elm Caleb
I spent far too much time going through West Elm Caleb TikToks. I’ll save you from a full deep dive but basically: Some guy in New York who worked as a designer at West Elm got doxxed after women he met through a dating app shared their encounters with him — which weren’t … great. He lost his job, deleted his portfolio and completely wiped his social media profiles after his identity was revealed by strangers.
A big problem that came out of this saga was that some of the women who shared their “encounters” never met Caleb. They were just hopping on a TikTok trend for views by partaking in public shaming. Even brands used “West Elm Caleb” in social copy.
All of this put together is a case of the internet going too far. Many people are saying Caleb is probably not someone they’d want their friends to date, but he didn’t deserve to have his personal information leaked and his livelihood affected.
Multimedia journalist Tori Yorgey, who was reporting for local news station WSAZ, was hit by a car while she was live on air. She was visibly distraught and the live shot kept going. TV journalists said this was an example of the unsafe working conditions they’ve dealt with in their careers. People also criticized WSAZ, owned by Gray Television, for using the incident as a content opportunity.
As a journalist, I hope the best for Tori Yorgey and I hope that she lands in a place where she is valued and taken care of. She deserved better. That is all I have to say about that.
Another young child is going viral for seeing themselves in the new Disney film 'Encanto.' Take a look at the reaction of young Manu as she points out the character Mirabel to her mom Hannary ❤️

(via manubaby03)
And to end the misery scrolling, I give you the feel-good feeling of seeing yourself represented on screen. A young child named Manu saw herself in Mirabel, the main character in Disney’s “Encanto.”
I love moments like this because it shows the impact of creating content, in this case a film, that’s inclusive and resonates with people who don’t often see themselves in media. The reaction from Manu is pure and gets me excited for the prospect of having more diversity in film.
In case you missed it
  • Instagram is testing creator subscriptions. They will allow users to subscribe to exclusive content from their favorite creators.
  • Twitter is testing a new feature called “flocks” which is essentially its version of Instagram’s close friends list.
  • After years of criticism because of its part in the opioid epidemic, Snapchat says the platform is getting better at detecting illicit drug sales.
  • Finally, one of the biggest uproars on the timeline: Twitter rolled out NFT profile photos for Twitter Blue subscribers. It got mixed reactions.
Before I go
That’s it for this week. If you saw something I missed, feel free to let me know on Twitter.
As always, I appreciate you for subscribing.
I’ll be launching and relaunching some projects this year. You can keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter to see what I’m up to! It’ll be fun; I promise.
Until next time,
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