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By Shayne Nuesca

i am burning out


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The Timeline
Maybe I’m bored. Maybe I’m just over it.

This week was a lot
I came across a tweet talking about people with audience-focused roles in newsrooms, and it hit me right at my core.
Brandon Carter
folks who work in audience-focused roles in newsrooms are very likely to have highly-specialized knowledge and skills and are also very likely to constantly have that knowledge and those skills questioned by colleagues who would never do the same to, say, beat reporters
I’ve been feeling a lot like a big fish in a small pond — like there isn’t a space where my ideas can be fully understood.
I spend a lot of time explaining new platforms, ways news organizations can use them and how they benefit from being active on digital. I feel supported most times, but I still often feel like I’m screaming into the void.
I always center other people — reporters, audiences, the news organization — in the work I do. I don’t have a problem with that; it’s my job to do that. But it’s exhausting being excited about something not many people understand and not being met with the same enthusiasm I show others toward their work.
Sometimes I feel really defeated, but I guess that comes with the territory. In any work you do, there are going to be people who do and don’t support you.
So to anyone who’s in a similar role as I am, know this: I support you. I hear you and I’m here for you. Sooner or later, this industry will know that it needs us to survive.
Scroll stoppers
Someone on Thursday mistakenly sent out an empty test email to HBO Max subscribers. HBO Max later said it was an intern who sent the email and that the company was “helping them through it.”
The whole ordeal became one of the most wholesome Twitter moments in recent memory, with thousands and thousands of people sharing “dear intern” tweets about their most embarrassing mistakes. Even Monica Lewinsky chimed in.
Kylie Robison
If you are the @HBOMax engineer (or part of the team) who sent this out today, my DMs are open or you can reach me at krobison[@]insider[dot]com
Spotify launched Greenroom, an evolution of Locker Room — which Spotify acquired earlier this year. It still feels a bit early to say whether it will top Clubhouse, but the initial reaction (at least among the CH crowd I roll with) is that it has more to offer than Clubhouse as far as features go. There’s also a live chat feature that adds another layer to the social audio experience.
I might write a review after spending more time on the app. I’ll send that to members if or when I do. You can find me on Greenroom at @shayne.
Spotify Greenroom
It's the start of a new quarter.

Welcome to Greenroom, a new live audio experience from @Spotify. Chat about the latest music releases, sports hot takes, need-to-know moments in culture, and anything in between. Drop-in and take the mic 🎤
Last, but certainly not least, Juneteenth became a federal holiday and it’s about damn time. The Queen of Twitter Spaces, Reesha Howard, along with other Black creators and super connectors came together for a day of celebration and good vibes. If you missed it, you missed it.
In case you missed it
🔎 The Mediakix drama continues. The agency has been receiving complaints from influencers for missed payments and overall poor handling of its contracts. Employees of the company are also speaking out.
📩 Someone at Clubhouse accidentally enabled the new Backchannel feature. No confirmation yet on what it is exactly, but many people are saying it’s for a private messaging feature that users have asked for in the past.
💸 Instagram Reels has ads now. They look like regular Reels but have shopping and other lead generation and monetization integrations.
🌻 Black gardeners are thriving on TikTok and we love to see it.
Before I go
Thank you for reading this. That’s really all I want to end with.
I hope you have a good week.
Until next time,
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