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the daily taryn #8 - let the power of Friday compel you

Hi!  Happy freaking Friday. I'd much rather you be doing something life-giving to kick off your weeke
the daily taryn #8 - let the power of Friday compel you
By taryn arnold • Issue #8 • View online
Happy freaking Friday. I’d much rather you be doing something life-giving to kick off your weekend, so I’m going to keep this brief and chat more tomorrow. Maybe all Fridays will be my Friday Five — a short list of 5 things to send you off into your weekend. Yeah. I don’t know. Let’s try that. 

1. It's a new day.
It’s funny how everyone let’s the time of the day dictate the beginning or the end. If I’ve had a weird morning, why can’t I just spin around and decide it’s a new day, right then, at 10:03am? You know what, I can, and I did. This morning, I backed into Sean’s motorcycle with my car, then got a ticket for an unrelated thing… all before 8:30am. I decided that it’s Friday, and that everything before 8:30am was not Friday. So my day, right now, is perfect. Hope yours is too. 
Abby C, a lovely stranger turned-friend (is that okay with you Abby?) wanted to know what music is filling my ears these days. The Lord heard Abby’s plea and asked Spotify to release a playlist of all the songs I listened to most this year. Groooove my friends, groove.
My Most Played Songs of 2017
3. A response about responding to responses.
I kid you not, I’ve gotten so many comments, emails, texts, direct messages, yada yada yada that I literally cannot keep up with them… and I love it. Don’t let this be a deterent from writing in. I read everything, and if I haven’t responded to you already, I will this weekend. Your stories, your tears, your laughs — all of it means everything to me. I am overwhelmed by joy and gratitude. Truly. Thank you.
4. Speaking of responses...
My dad sent me this today. ❤️
My dad sent me this today. ❤️
5. Don't be this person.
And by this person, I mean all the people who saw this floating Juice Shop tag on my elbow for ~4 hours and didn’t think to point it out. 
Lean in close. I want to tell you something. 
Are you here? 
If you see something, say something. 
See you tomorrow, 
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