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the daily taryn #31 - the end

The last thing I want you to be doing on New Years Eve is reading an email, so I'll keep this short a
the daily taryn #31 - the end
By taryn arnold • Issue #31 • View online
The last thing I want you to be doing on New Years Eve is reading an email, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Too fast
That’s how fast the last day of this project came. Way too fast. I had huge hopes for this final post — I would send a perfect farewell with a video (I still want to make) and a summary post of all my learnings (I’ve already started), but I’m not there yet. I’ve spent this month ping-ponging between being unbelievably present with what’s in front of me, yet quick to run out and write about it all. I walk out of it today saying, confidently, that this is the single most rewarding creative project I’ve ever done.
Here are two things I’d like to say before I head off to friends, family, and champagne (which, honestly, already there):
1. I cannot thank you enough.
You. Yes, you. Sitting there, with your eyes and your mouth and your you. YOU. I am more thankful for you than you know. For signing up for this weird idea. For opening my emails. For reading my thoughts. For responding with yours. For sharing with friends. Maybe you thought this was a fun little project that I stumbled through, waiting to be over. Something that I used to pass the days until the new year. Something I didn’t care much about.
Gosh, you’re so wrong. This project was, in every way, life-changing for me — so much so that I’m writing a post about all the things I learned through these 31 days. I am not someone who is generally without words, but right now, I have few. Your passion, energy, and openness have been more than I could’ve ever expected, and I will carry this month with me through the end of my days. When I envision the memories I’ll cherish on my deathbed someday, this month will sing loudly.
2. This is not goodbye.
LOL, like I’d throw this momentum away. Seriously. 
I did consider putting this newsletter up on the shelf and smiling whenever I remembered it. Then, today happened. Meet Abby:
Abby ^
Abby ^
The first time I interacted with Abby was on April 12, 2017. I took to Instagram to announce a newsletter project I was thinking about starting, and this kind stranger Abby signed up, then replied with, “So exciteddddd!” I did nothing with those email addresses until December 1st (that’s where you all come in). 
When I re-announced the newsletter, Abby responded again with, “already making December the best month yet.” Since then, we’ve interacted through instagram and email, where she told me she lives 10 minutes from where my parents second home is and would love to get coffee over the holidays. 
We met Abby today. The second I saw this complete and utter stranger, we hugged a best friend kinda hug. The kinda hug you give your old college roommate or an ex-coworker you miss. 
We spent the next few hours talking family, heartbreak, hope, and a bunch of stupid stuff over coffee, then lunch, then champagne-hunting at CVS. 
It was awesome. It was fun. It was goofy. But most of all, it was real. I was reminded, in the most literal way, that there are eyes and hearts and souls on the other end of these emails. People, not numbers, that are reading these emails. 
That is why I am not stopping this newsletter. Abby, and you, and you and you and you. I’ve been learning a lot about writing, and one of my favorite revelations is that you should write for the people who are reading, not the ones you want to be reading. I am writing for you and I have loved every minute of it. 
Now, I’m not going anywhere, but I’m certainly not going to continue sending these daily. It’s a lot. I’m currently combing through all the feedback you sent and will likely be sending things out 1-2x/week, but I’ll let you know when I know. 
I’m going to write my learnings post and make that video and holler back in a day or two, but damn. 
Please know that by reading these letters and words and sentences, you have changed my life. 
Happy New Years. I hope 2018 gives you the things you need, not the things you want.
See you soon,
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