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the daily taryn #30 - the laziest

You know who I'll never understand? People who don't like to be lazy. People who always feel the need
the daily taryn #30 - the laziest
By taryn arnold • Issue #30 • View online
You know who I’ll never understand? People who don’t like to be lazy. People who always feel the need to be doing something. People who make you feel guilty for not leaving the house for a day.

I love being lazy.
I absolutely love it. I love relaxing, which is why I love being in Indian Wells/Palm Springs. It forces you into a perpetual state of relaxation. A question I always ask new friends is to describe, in detail, their ideal Saturday. I lived mine today, and it was relaxation heaven.
Here are all the things I did today:
-Woke up early (can’t sleep in if I tried)
-Got coffee with my dad .3 miles from our house
-Played pickleball at the country club (wow, what a sentence)
-Left the house for 15 minutes for lunch
-Sat in the jacuzzi finishing a book and sipping Ice Imperial (champagne made to be drank over ice — my all time favorite drink)
-Asked Kristina 11 interview questions that a popular podcaster uses on all his guests
-Flew a drone over my dad and Kristina’s putt-putt championship
-Suffered a devastating loss in my first monopoly game in probably 5 years
-Ate skirt steak and drank a handmade cocktail a la Kristina
-Watched a few episodes of Mad Men
-Wrote this, although almost brain dead, because I said I would
Honestly, I’ve experienced my ideal Saturday. Sun, book, champagne, Sunset, steak, and damn good company. 
from my drone today <3
from my drone today <3
My eyelids are anchors right now. Sign of a good Saturday.
See you tomorrow, 
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