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the daily taryn #28 - oy.

It's gonna be a list night, folks.
the daily taryn #28 - oy.
By taryn arnold • Issue #28 • View online
It’s gonna be a list night, folks.

1. Hi.
To any and all new subscribers (or those catching up on old issues) — hello and hi and wow, welcome. I am so excited to have you. You truly have no idea the joy I feel when anyone joins/reads this thing. You can check out all the things I’ve written this month here. Feel free to share any pieces that you like, and reply directly to these emails to introduce yourself or share a thought. I read and respond to everything.
2. Kristina is peak sickness
And like an absolute idiot, I will not stay away from her. The worst part about your person being sick is that you’re not supposed to get close to them. You want to help, but there is actual risk in doing so. You will get sick. Your role as the soup maker will switch in just a few days time. But… she’s just too damn cute when she’s sick. She’s freezing and somehow burning and has the most Rudolf red nose you’ve ever seen. She’s currently curled up asleep next to me. Thank you Nyquil.
3. My oilless right arm
I am fully aware what I’m about to complain about is the least important thing in the world, but here we go. I got a massage this morning and the masseuse forgot to massage my right arm… It was stressful. When I knew we had about 10 minutes left, I started panicking. Oh my god… She literally forgot. She’s not going to rub it. I am going to leave this room with every inch of my body massaged and covered in oil EXCEPT for my right arm, and it’s my fault. Because I won’t say anything. Because I hate making people feel uncomfortable. Please God, help her remember my right arm. It’s here, waiting. Begging. Pleading.
She did not remember, but Kris massaged it on the way home. 
4. What's next?
I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll do with this project after December ends (for newcomers, this newsletter was a personal project to get me to write every day of December). The amount of you that have written in asking that I keep going is both mind-blowing and flattering, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. I hope to work most of it out tomorrow. Which brings me to…
5. Tomorrow
At the end of every year, I sit down and do a little post-mortem of the year. Here’s a post I wrote for work about how to do one. You should try it if you haven’t — it’s incredibly useful in getting a pulse on how things went and where you want them to go. I’m doing mine for 2017 tomorrow. 
Maybe I’ll share the findings…
See you tomorrow, 
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