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the daily taryn #20 - mia's first hanukkah

Tonight was Mia's (my niece's) first Hanukkah, and she absolutely crushed it.
the daily taryn #20 - mia's first hanukkah
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Tonight was Mia’s (my niece’s) first Hanukkah, and she absolutely crushed it.

My sister-in-law, mom, brother, and mia <3
My sister-in-law, mom, brother, and mia <3
It’s fun to introduce holidays to people. Even though Mia won’t remember it, my family still goes all out. It’s just who we are. We’ve celebrated Hanukkah since we were kids, and tonight was no different. We cook the meal (I ate more latkes than I can count and my brain is now going -200 mph), say the Hanukkah blessing, light the menorah, and exchange gifts. It’s a special, warm, and kind celebration, filled with lots of hugs and cheers and praying prayers in Hebrew that we’re definitely, definitely butchering. 
The funniest part about the night, though, wasn’t that we have intentionally forced Mia into Judaism (until Christmas, where she’ll make her full transformation into a Chrismukkah child). The funniest part of the night is happening right now. 
Kristina, my parents, and I are all lounging in the living room watching a Katherine Heigl movie called Jenny’s Wedding. My mom recorded it for us, because it’s about a woman (Heigl) who, after 5 years of dating her female roommate, is finally coming out to her extremely Catholic family and getting married asap. It’s one of those movies where you have zero investment in any of the characters, because the acting is terrible and the plot line is laughably rushed. We literally hate everyone, hahaha. This movie is horrible. But there is something so special about watching this with my girlfriend and my parents. 
Hearing my dad chime into tell the unaccepting father to “do the right thing.” Agreeing with my mom when she chimes in about the girls’ lack of chemistry. Chanting “kiss! kiss! kiss!” whenever the clearly straight dad and his clearly straight male friend areon screen. Talking about how much Meryl Streep’s daughter (who is randomly in this movie) looks like my ex-girlfriend and her new girlfriend meshed together. 
I don’t know. This may sound just like a movie night to you, but to me, this is a dream come true. If you would’ve told the me of 6 years ago that I would be doing anything remotely close to this, I would laugh, disagree, then probably get back to crying. 
Call it a Hanukkah miracle. Mazel tov.
my friend telling my friend a joke
my friend telling my friend a joke
See you tomorrow,
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