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the daily taryn #13 - talk to me

Let's all take a deep breath. And by let's all, I mean let me. Wow. I've had an exhausting week and a
the daily taryn #13 - talk to me
By taryn arnold • Issue #13 • View online
Let’s all take a deep breath. And by let’s all, I mean let me. Wow. I’ve had an exhausting week and a half, and you’ve been here for all of it. I want to get back to sending these out every morning, but my schedule/stress hasn’t allowed me to prepare for the next day. I’m getting home from work, working out, eating dinner, writing until I’m finished, sending, going to sleep, then doing it all over again. 
It’s both awesome and tiring. That’s why tonight’s will be about a 45 second read (we’re half way there!) with some questions for YOU, so I can write for tomorrow, tonight. 
Am I making sense? Here’s what I’m trying to say: I’m nearly halfway finished with this project and don’t want to fall behind. Unfortunately, that means that some days will have to be pointless and short, so I can prep for the big questions you’ve invited me to answer. Hope that’s okay with you.
Oh, and a final note for tonight: while writing is super super super fun, I’ve actually been really enjoying reading. Your responses have been life-changing for me, honestly. And I’ve been working to respond to every last one, even though I’m only about 50% there. Please, don’t let that stop you from responding. 
It means everything, that you’d read, then go a step farther to hop back into my inbox. WOW. 

With that in mind...
I’d like to hear from you. Would you please respond with answers to the following questions: 
1. Who are you? 
2. Where are you from? 
3. What’s a fun fact about you? 
4. What do you like about this newsletter?
5. What do you hate about this newsletter? 
6. How do you wish this newsletter was different?
7. What has been your favorite issue?
8. Would you take a second to share said ^ issue with someone/your social networks tonight? 
9. Should I stop with the questions? 
10. I’ll stop with the questions. 
See you tomorrow, 
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