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the daily taryn #11 - my life with universal basic income

Hey hello hi,  To all new subscribers or those catching up — hello, you didn't miss much. Just kiddin
the daily taryn #11 - my life with universal basic income
By taryn arnold • Issue #11 • View online
Hey hello hi, 
To all new subscribers or those catching up — hello, you didn’t miss much. Just kidding. I always say that… which you wouldn’t know because you missed it. Here are all the other things you missed. Glad you’re here!
Tonight, I’m taking a ~reader question~ from a lovely friend, Chris Russell. By lovely, I mean look at this man and tell me you’re not smiling.
Chris asked me a question about universal basic income, so if you’re unfamiliar with UBI, I recommend watching a video like this one or skimming an article like this one before reading my answer. It’s a fairly easy concept to understand that really comes alive once you see how societies are already using it and how others are thinking of implementing it.
If you’re feeling too lazy/comfy to navigate away from this newsletter, I’ll help you out. UBI is basically a baseline paycheck for anyone, regardless of employment status. AKA, free money. If your state/country offered UBI, all residents would get the same amount deposited into their accounts every month. Countries testing UBI are sending anywhere from $600/month to  $2,700/month per recipient. Dope.
Sounds crazy, but smart people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg think it could be the answer to the world’s problems, or that it’ll have to be, as jobs become increasingly automated and people will have no option for work.

~reader question~
LOL. Sorry, not used to having ~readers~ so it makes me feel infinitely ~better~ to put any reference to them in these ~sarcasm~ lines. Question from Chris:
“When we have universal basic income, because everyone’s jobs are automated out of existence, what ‘career’ or life will you create for yourself and community?”
For the sake of this answer, I’m going to assume the amount is enough to keep me from trying to make money elsewhere.
Okay, so. I have two answers, then I want you to reply with yours.
1. I’d open and run a kids camp. I love being a camp counselor and have been one for Christian camps, tennis camps, and camps for foster children. There is absolutely nothing better than wrangling kids from playing to reading to napping to eating to sitting outside under the stars without a cell phone in sight. I’d want my kids camp to be for all kinds of kids, but especially ones who are really afraid of summer camps. The misfits. The ones who like different music or video games or sports or clothes. The ones who wouldn’t go to camp unless they knew deep down they needed to make friends. It’d be a week-long overnight camp, giving kids long enough to bond without being so long that they end the trip peeing their pants to sleep, crying to go home. The co-counselors would be my best friends, family, and anyone that came highly recommended. It’d be a mix of sports and conversation starters and music and quiet time and adventure — something for everyone. And, just like the motto for a camp I was a counselor for, every kid would be encouraged and reminded to “try new things.” In a UBI world, this would be super important to get kids away from their home/parents, socializing with other kids, finding what they’re passionate about.
2. I’d start a talk show. This is the real dream, in a UBI world or not. For this question, we’re in a UBI world — people would likely be starting over, confronted with their real wants and needs and passions and stresses for the first time in a long time, as those are all things that get kicked to the wayside in the wake of routine. I think entering a UBI world would shake a lot of people — they’d ask themselves who they are, what want to do, what they want to stand for. As would I, and instead of just going at it alone like everyone else, I’d like to shine a light (and camera) on my journey through it and bring other guests on to help the world get through it a bit easier. It would be a mix of a lot of the talkshows you see today — heartfelt like Ellen, fun like the Jimmys (Kimmel/Fallon), and deep like the original, Oprah — but I’d always have the same goal of helping people find what they’re passionate about, love who they love, or be who they’ve always wanted to be, just as I would be doing. Live. 
Now that I think about it, it would kinda be like putting my life in, I don’t know, a newsletter, where I would process my feelings or days or stresses or wins in front of an audience of, I don’t know, people who signed up to watch. 
That’d be a weird idea, huh?
See you tomorrow, 
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