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the daily taryn #10 - celebrate the week

I originally started this with, "hi friends!" Then, I changed it to, "hi me!" Writing is funny. When
the daily taryn #10 - celebrate the week
By taryn arnold • Issue #10 • View online
I originally started this with, “hi friends!”
Then, I changed it to, “hi me!”
Writing is funny. When you’re writing, especially in a journal style, you’re speaking to an audience of one. There are times where I’ll write for an audience of you and times where I’ll write for an audience of me. Sunday’s will be for me. I’ll write as if no one is reading, with less regard for flowing sentences and more focus on celebrating another week on Earth. Here are 3 things I don’t want to forget.

1. Macy's windows
Gosh, I should volunteer more. Today, I spent ~4 hours volunteering at Macy’s in Union Square for the SPCA. Every Christmas, the SPCA fills the Macy’s windows with puppies and kittens that are ready for adoption. A friend told me that you can sign up to volunteer — you stand at the windows with a red puffy SPCA jacket and a collections box for donations. You spend the whole day watching people (families, couples, solo wanderers) literally window shop for animals, telling them the animals names, ages, and how to adopt them. It’s adorable. I was blown away by the amount of people that told me their family pet was adopted from these very windows in years past. Not only was it a fulfilling way to spend a Sunday, but Union Square is decked out in Christmas decor and music, so I felt like an elf on the set of a Christmas movie. Day well spent. Need to remember to volunteer more. 
2. Big Little Lies
Before volunteering, Kris and I spent the morning in bed recovering from a hangover (am I old?). We started watching Big Little Lies — a badass-women HBO drama/comedy. Then, we finished watching Big Little Lies. I know you have questions. Yes, I did spend 7 hours watching and completing the entire first season of Big Little Lies. Yes, my chest hurts from the anxiety it caused. Yes, I would watch it again, and recommend it to everyone. Trigger warning: it’s filled to the brim with physical abuse — so much so that we’d mute the volume and watch those scenes through self-made peepholes. Yes, it was still worth watching. Yes, I love binge-watching things. Who doesn’t? Honestly, if I was single, it would be the biggest deal-breaker if you couldn’t easily waste a day in bed watching a good show. 
3. Hard weeks are good weeks, too
I’m thankful for hard weeks. They stretch you. They test you. They open your eyes to how easy it is to operate on auto-pilot. When things are good, you coast — you cruise on by without needing to think critically. Without problem solving. Without celebrating the smallest wins. But when things are hard — every single little thing that could possibly be perceived as good is celebrated. You’re loud and proud about an inch of success. I had fun celebrating the small wins this week. It makes me look forward to more hard weeks — just so I can appreciate the littles. 
Last but not least,
What happened to my one true love? Where did my buff, beautiful pop star go? Why has he digressed into a teenage, pubescent version of himself? Someone with the answers — I beg you to help. 
Hope your week starts off beautifully. 
See you all tomorrow, 
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