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the daily taryn #1: hellos & ground rules

4-ish minute read Okay. Issue #1. The first issue. Numero uno. The big shebang. Is it shebang or shab
the daily taryn #1: hellos & ground rules
By taryn arnold • Issue #1 • View online
4-ish minute read
Okay. Issue #1. The first issue. Numero uno. The big shebang. Is it shebang or shabang… or shuhbang? The little red misspelled dots aren’t happening under shEbang, so I think that’s our winner. I guess I should’ve just googled that, and spared you all the trouble of watching me work this out live.
Ugh. Breathe, Taryn. Breathe. 

So. People actually signed up for this thing.
To be honest, I’m as shocked as I am excited. The idea of starting a newsletter about myself was one of the weirder ideas I’ve had, which is saying a lot because I’ve had many. Like, most recently, when I had 500 stickers with my twitter handle designed, printed, and shipped to my office, then sold for $3 a pop (and miraculously made a profit…). Wild ideas like these generally find me in the shower, but I only choose to pursue them when they feel super beneficial for me while being marginally interesting, entertaining, funny, or meaningful to someone else. 
Hence, this newsletter. For me, this is an attempt to return to writing every day. I find myself when I write. I’ve kept a journal since I was a child, and by kept a journal, I mean that I’ve literally carried a journal on me at all times, journaling nearly every single day of my life from childhood through college. It’s only slowed down in recent years as writing has actually become a large part of my career, making it less relaxing during free time. 
Apparently this might mean something to you as well. I’ve been overwhelmed by the old friends, new friends, coworkers, and complete strangers who have reached out, seemingly as excited about this thing as I am. Maybe something I’ve written or posted in the past has mattered to you. Maybe you see some aspect of my life and the sheer curiosity has you following along. Maybe you’re as obsessed with my niece as I am and are here just to get behind-the-scenes pics — to that one I say, aren’t we all?
Whatever the reason, I’m overjoyed you’re here. Hopefully this weird journey is useful for us both. 
But first, a few ground rules.
  1. Respond to these, please. When I sent out yesterday’s version zero of this newsletter, I got some of the most simple but heartwarming responses in the world. Seems like it took some of you just 60 seconds to write back, but I want you to know that your small act made a wild impact on me. If you’ve got the time, I hope you take a few minutes to share your thoughts back on anything I share. Simple interactions like that makes this whole internet thing feel a lot cozier.
  2. Tell anyone and everyone. Although this newsletter is about to get really personal, you have my full permission to share/forward/post about anything you read. A surprisingly large amount of you are people I don’t know (yet!) anyway, so everything I share here is fair game. I’ll be talking about sexuality, beliefs, work, friendship, fears, and way, way more. If you think any of those topics will be interesting to your followers or someone specific, please share/invite them to subscribe. If you do, I’d love if you tagged me so I can see the warm and fuzzies.
  3. All the feedback is welcome. It should be pretty clear by this point that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible, but if you notice anything that could be done better, holler at your girl. I’d love to know.
  4. Have fun, and unsubscribe if you aren’t. My worst nightmare is that you resentfully open these emails to protect my incredibly sensitive heart. I am well aware that not everything is for everyone, and here’s where I’m at with that: the world is basically imploding, so keep what you like and ditch what you don’t. 
Context matters.
Before I answer any questions, I’ll take the next few issues to reintroduce myself. The incredible questions you asked pertain to so many different times and components of my life, I’m not convinced that one person on this list has been there for it all — except for you, mom. Sup girl. There are a few major themes I’d like to catch us all up on (career, beliefs, sexuality) so I can write without stopping to explain all the things. 
Hope that’s alright with you — I’ll see you cuties tomorrow. I’m leaving work early to get on a party bus and go to a USC football game. No, I didn’t go to USC, but many friends did so I’ve become an honorary trojan. Warning that I’ve had a long week, so my instagram stories may or may not get messy. 
Love you already, 
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