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open me today 🎉

Ugh, my people. My crew. Love coming back here, which, I promise, I'll have a full resurgence soon. I
open me today 🎉
By taryn arnold • Issue #34 • View online
Ugh, my people. My crew. Love coming back here, which, I promise, I’ll have a full resurgence soon. I’ll even give you a sneak peek at what I’m currently working on at the end of this quick email. 
Do you want a sticker with my name on it? Read on.
1. You’re literally wild if you say yes, but I’m forever grateful. 
2. I’m finally sending out some stickers I made a while back. My friend Jenn is coming over tonight to have a “watch dumb tv and send stickers” party, and I realized that, since you’re all subscribed to a newsletter about my life, you may enjoy one of these bad boys (pictured here). 
3. People have been unreal and buying them for $3, but if you can’t pay and really want one (and are in the US), I’ll send you one for free. It’s the least I could do to say thanks for reading my words and thinking about things with me. 
4. If you want one: reply to this email by 6pm today with your shipping address. If you can’t pay, no worries. If you can, venmo me (@taryn-arnold) $3. Thank u. :)

And now, a sneak peek.
I’ve been writing a piece about… well, you. I learned a lot during The Daily Taryn project and I think a lot those learnings are applicable to other creatives. My outline is finished, but the actual writing is taking me a bit. Here’s the first ~10% of it (there are 10 learnings and I’m only sharing 1). Hope you enjoy, since you literally made it happen. 

Lessons learned from emailing friends, family, and strangers about my life for 30 days.
I get a lot of weird ideas. Most live and die in my many notebooks, but every once in a while, one begs it’s way out of the pages and into the real world.
Hence, The Daily Taryn was born.
In December of 2017, I started a 30-day project called The Daily Taryn where I invited anyone (literally anyone — I just put out a call out on all of my social media) to join a daily newsletter about my life.
Now, I’m sure you have lots of questions. I’ll ask and answer them for you:
Why? LOL. Rude, but I get it. There was no real reason — I’m not selling anything, nor do I have a deep love of newsletters. I actually think I hate newsletters… But I love writing, I love journaling, and I love challenges. I told myself I wanted to write about big things every day of December, and then had a weird idea to invite people into my mind while I did it. I love talking about things that people think about but don’t talk about, from religion to sexuality to anxiety, then back around to the metaphors in a burnt grilled cheese.
Ok. Why a newsletter though? It’s really, really hard to get your stuff read/seen/watched these days. With algorithms playing God, it’s wrongfully tough to get your work into the hands of the people that ask for it. I chose a newsletter because I was in complete control of it — people opted in, and by the grace of God, waited to read it every day.
Who read it? Literal angels, I think. I’ll be honest — I thought it would be ~50 people max, most of which are family, friends, a few coworkers, and my brothers signing up on multiple email addresses to make me feel good. I was shocked — or, shook as the cool kids say — with the people that signed up. A few hundred saints — MOST OF WHICH were people I don’t know, but that follow me on social media — joined my newsletter, read it, and responded every day.
A few days after December (and the daily-ness of this project) ended, I was on a flight reflecting on all the things I learned that month — about you, about myself, but mostly about making things.
Some are obvious. Some won’t mean anything to you. Some will make you think about storytelling and creative output different. All are things I’ll take with me wherever I go.
If this reads like a love letter to all who joined me on this journey, well that’s because it is.
Asking a question is a risky experience. What if I sound stupid? Should I know this? Am I ridiculous to think I earned the right to ask this question?
Asking the question gets harder when you’re asking for something. For participation. For money. For time. For attention. It’s downright uncomfortable, and no matter how many times you’ve done it before, it’s always risky.
Do you know how fucking weird it is to ask people to sign up for a newsletter that, from the outside, seems purposeless and directionless? To ask people to swipe here, click that, enter your email, confirm your email, make sure you opt-in, check your email to confirm again, then OPEN, READ, AND RESPOND TO a newsletter about my life? I mean, you have to know that experience pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, I literally have no idea where that zone is in the first place.
That said, asking is the only way you get what you want. Ever. If I didn’t ask people to join The Daily Taryn, it would’ve never seen the light of day. It would’ve sat there, in the folders of my locked journaling software, and I would’ve missed out on one of my most personally and creatively fulfilling months of my life. Also, to my surprise, a few hundred people would’ve missed out on something special too. (I’ll get to the surprising effect TDT had on my readers, or you can read some of their thoughts here.)
So. Have a wild idea? Something you’d love to try? A person you’d love to meet?
Ask. Answers wait on the other side of questions.
That's all, folks.
^ Those were scribbles from a coffee shop this weekend, so I’m purposefully not rereading/editing before sending to you all or else I’ll never share it. 
Love you much. Reply asap if you want in on that sticker game. 
See you soon, 
Your friend Taryn
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