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Two New Sites and a Blog

👋🏻 Hey there!
Hello curious reader,
February is here already, but where did January go?! I hope you all are healthy and working towards those New Years Resolutions you made; how are they going? While I did not set any resolutions, I did set myself some goals.
The over-arching goal is to begin applying to web development jobs by June 1, 2022. I hope to achieve that goal by putting out different projects by the end of each month until I have three that I feel are worthy of getting me that first job in the field!
My first goal for January was to launch my new portfolio and blog site, which I pushed live on the 30th, so one day ahead of schedule! I am delighted with my new portfolio and look forward to hosting projects on it.
Feel free to check out both the portfolio and new blog sites, and let me know what you think! There are, of course, more I want to do. However, I keep reminding myself, “Progress, not perfection!”
New from the Blog
Taking inspiration from Andy Bell and Josh Comeau, I thought I’d add my CSS Reset into the mix. This is also the first blog I’ve posted this year and the first one on the new site.
Another Modern CSS Reset
Things I Liked
Here is the part of the newsletter where I like to share three tools, tips, or tricks that are new to me that I thought you might find valuable. | Create Beautiful Images of Twitter Posts
I believe Poet made the rounds on Twitter a little while ago, but I ignored it; however, now that I need it, I am glad I found it. While I wish it allowed for more customization, I think it’s a fantastic tool to create beautiful images of Tweets.
Logo To Use - Free high-quality Logos
Logo To Use is a beautiful site, in my opinion, that makes obtaining logos for popular companies and brands easy. Furthermore, it offers those logos as colored, black-on-white, or white-on-black, and even has plugins for your favorite design tool coming soon.
Noto avatar
If you like the style of Notion and its illustrations, this might be the avatar you’ve been looking for. Note: You need to know how to use a design tool, such as Figma, to create your own.
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