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Weekly newsletter of The Q Affaire - Issue #1

So, here we are. Kinda glad you found me, ‘cos now you can keep up with all the goings on and latest news, brought to you via the strange and convoluted mind of Ms. Donna E.
A real gem, that gal, if you like 'em fiesty, and I’m not always sure I do. It ain’t easy being her secretary; there are endless cups of tea to deliver, and the Irish are terribly fussy about their tea, you know. One splash of milk too much, and they become quite moody about the whole thing, and their face turns like clouds over fields, if you get my drift. Anyhoo, she said let them know where to sign up for the newsletter, so here I am, multi-tasking while waiting for the kettle to boil. I would normally be posting elsewhere, but nothing lasts forever, and as long as she’s busy with her channel, and making things from bits of string and paint, or writing, or goodness knows what else, she’s at least not running amok in the wider world. Some introverted hermit she turned out to be; a hermit that never shuts up. Bring back monk’s cells, I say, but does anyone ever listen to me? Nah. They used to, but nobody even bothers calling me sir any more. it’s just bring in the tea, please, Q. More tea. Always with the tea. She talks to herself, too. It’s all very weird, but never a dull moment. Sign up for weird news, if you fancy it. I’m clearly just here for the tea (peers over Emerald’s shoulder, to see how the book editing is getting along). I’ll let you know if there are any new developments (winks conspiratorially at Mme. Sosostrus).
Wowser! Hold the press! Just arrived in by carrier pigeon (now expired from effort of circling for weeks to triangulate Ms. Emerald’s personal secretary’s [oui, c'est moi, Q, shhhh!] top secret location. This code delivery entitles you to a discount on Part 2 of the giant tome to be known soon as the single volume, “The Q Affaire” that previously had two bits, before she goes all up-market on the thing, on the Amazonian battlefield (tears pigeon leg off crumpled code, and wipes bloody swiss army knife on knee of combat trousers, before attaching again to D-ring on webbing belt, ready for next challenge, another pot of tea for La Emerald).

Donna Emerald
Talking to myself, mostly to hold off the moment when I have to start editing again? How did you guess? OK. Off I go then. Back to the editing board (sigh), yet again. This thing isn't going to turn into one big book all on its own.
The Q Woo Donna Emerald romantic comedy thriller novel | Etsy
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Donna Emerald

The Q Affaire, the Donna Emerald comedy thriller set in YouTube's Truth Community. Laugh your socks off, + learn some new stuff you may wish you didn't know.

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