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Donna, that little Irish elf, is such a hard worker, knitting away for her Etsy shop, getting ready for Xmas pressie time. I thought I’d get into the spirit of the thing, and give out freebies to Newsletter subscribers. Wanna put your name on Santa’s list? If you love pressies, read on.

Freebies Gifts. Yyyaaaaaasss!
Donna’s doing all kinds of Xmas club things, in the big build-up to Xmas, over at her little Etsy shop. So, I’m getting into the spirit of the thing, and doing free pressies for ya!
Some of our little elf's crafty works
Some of our little elf's crafty works
Free? I'm In. What's the Catch?
There’s no catch. You get something free by clicking the Subscribe, for the Newletter, and you get a free pressie. It’s to promote Donna’s shop, as an early Xmas gift, for her. Or you can shoot me an Email, at the Newsletter address, donnaemerald.theqwoo@aol.com
You never know what you might get. There are even exotic plants on offer, in the goodie bag of giveout gifts Donna has ready to go. I can’t send these to countries that don’t allow plants or seeds imports, of course, but there are many other items that will surprise and delight, when your little treat arrives in the post. Just give the elves time to deliver, as they may have a long way to go, and they’ve to travel from Ireland. I feel like signing up myself, just to see what I get. I love surprise gifts.
As Donna’s right hand man, or shall we say, honorary elf, I’ll Email you back to get your details, for the gift to be sent, and I’ll even pack the pressies on the postal sleigh myself. Feel free to browse the shelves of her likkle siopa (that Irish for shop, in case you didn’t know), while you’re wondering what your free gift might be. Gotta go. I’m busy wrapping pressies for everyone in the free gift club.
Fine Art Oil Paintings and craft works by DonnaEmeraldArt on Etsy
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Donna Emerald

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