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"The Q Affaire" Newsletter Peas in Pods Issue #8

Peas in Pods and Seeing Double

The Q Affaire
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I think my sight is banjaxed. I’m seeing double all week. Then again it might be a Groundhog Day type deal; I look out the window, and see rows of tents, stretching down the neighbours gardens. Then I spot Q with his new recruits, lining up for cups of tea at Mrs. Murphy’s back door, looking like a row of peas in a pod. Then, reminded that my daily podcast of “The Q Affaire” needed to be uploaded, I opened up the browser window, to see a row of previous chapters, that match my Twitter page, also filling with novel chapters, but with the same ol’ image, on repeat. I tell ya, I’ll be boogly eyed, by the time I’ve finished the whole book. Then again….
Donna Emerald
@TheQAffaire Q, what are you up to there? Are you on Mrs. Murphy's internet again, with your pink burner phone (dirty look)?
Then again, with positive reviews starting to come in, from those who have finished reading the novel, before the podcast series is even complete, there are some things I don’t mind seeing multiples of. My book is one of them, which is lucky, since I ordered advance copies of it twice, by mistake. I then had the arrival of the book interrupting the reading of the book, as the postman couldn’t jam it through the letterbox, and almost hammered the door down while I was recording the podcast, out of sheer frustration at being ignored, in favour of the same book he was trying to deliver again.
My readers also posted copies of the book, on Twitter, so I was seeing more doubles than a herd of pink elephants, at that stage. At least I had the relief of finding out afterwards that it wasn’t a swat team at the door, hoping to arrest the secret army forming up in battalions in the back garden.
I’m assured that readers are bound to laugh more than once, when they get stuck in, and that the second part of the book is just as much fun as the first. With reviews like that, I didn’t have to even say, “Come again?” , teaming it up with my trademark LOOK….
I doubt Mrs. Murphy will be saying that, when she’s finished making tea for the lads. I’m just glad I don’t have the tea Operative back in the house, again, now that he’s got his men to keep him happy.
Then again….
The Q Affaire
@donnaemerald8 If you let me back in the kitchen I can prove myself worthy of my old post back, by making a darn fine mug of tea. Best cup of cha you ever had, hmmmm? (looks hopeful)
Donna Emerald
@sugarispoison11 @TheQAffaire Wow. So the book doesn't just exist in my mind. Unless this is a dream within a dream! Hope you have fun reading it, and be sure to let me know whether you did, afterwards. Cheers.
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