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Finally, I have a chance to do a Newletter editorial in person. Mme. Soss and Q have been holding the fort for me, while I tried to hold my own in the editing schedule for “The Q Affaire”, . It’s so close to hitting those Amazon shelves now, that you can almost smell it from here (and no, it doesn’t smell in the least bit socky, as so many YouTube related things tend to). It smells sweet, knowing I’m going to hit the publishing deadline for May.

Mayday, Mayday ...---...
I gave Q a bit of a fright, on announcing the date of “The Q Affaire” book launch on Amazon, May 1st.
The Q Affaire on Twitter: "ooO, yikes! Her book is coming out on Amazon in May. Where's my pen camera, to pass on the intel. MAYDAY< MAYDAY. Battle stations ready (sounds of panic in the poop deck)😬😖 #TheQAffaire https://t.co/lLiCUUp1C9"
"The Q Affaire" - Mayday Book launch
Poor thing. His nerves are a mess, from years of being a top secret undercover agent, constantly on high alert for danger. He had to pull out the undercover disguises hamper again, this week, to do some Tarot fortune telling on my channel, without blowing his cover. I figured he’d been a tea-making intern long enough, and it was time to give him more responsibility, by letting him spread his wings a bit more. Not that he could, if he had wings (I think I spotted a set in his dressup box, mind you), as he was doing the “Good or Evil? Let Q Judge U!” readings from inside the magic wardrobe, which he left in a terrible mess afterwards, but anyway, he seemed pleased with how it went.
Good or Evil [Free Tarot] ~ Let Q Judge U
Not only can you expect to run into Q more often on my channel, since he’s just been made a moderator (he jumped up and down on the studio daybed, he was so pleased at his promotion), but you will also have another visit from our beloved Cult Leader, Mme. Soss. to look forward to. I begged her to drop in again really soon, to explain her spirit chum, Mr. Yeats’s mystical creative “Vision” system to new initiates, and as you remember, those of you eager to step on the first rung of enlightenment were like pigs snuffling hungrily around the trough, while she scattered about some pearls of wisdom your direction, recently, on dropping by.
Pretty Please & @*%£!  ~ Free Tarot
Oh, yeah, and one more thing.....
In case you missed it first time around, I’ve republished a quickie podcast of the highlights from the Professor Metadata Book Interview Show, It was a fun, and, I thought, informative interview, where the interviewer even managed to get a word in, here and there. No easy task, with me! See you at the biiiig book launch, guys an’ gals. Mayday, Mayday!
Donna Emerald on Twitter: "Listen to Donna Emerald's "The Q Affaire" biiiig Truth novel interview highlights on ⚓ https://t.co/wZH75xdFfg Hits Amazon bookshelves, May 1st. BOOM! #TheQAffaire"
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