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"The Q Affaire" Newsletter ~ Donna E, Hot Off the Press - Issue #4

Down the Amazon the blockbuster novel goes!

One letter, with so many words?
I’m nearly speechless, but not quite. You know me, dear reader, I always find words for what I want to say. So many, in fact, that I ended up with a blockbuster novel on my hands. Soon, hopefully, I’ll have it in my sweaty, eager likkle paws as well, as I’m awaiting with much an……tic…….ip…..ation, as they like to say every time the Rocky Horror Show plays, for the arrival of the advance copy of the paperback. I know! Me, an author! I’m doing some virtual shouting from the roofs about it, so expect me to bang on a bit about it here, too. Well, what else would you expect, on the big Amazon launch day?
Get yer own sweaty palms on my pristine paperback on Amazon, or have a free sneak peak inside the Ebook, or even get to read the whole blockbuster, if you’ve a Kindle Unlimited account. Customers who bought Part 1 of the original edition, over on my Etsy DonnaEmeraldArt shop, can message me there, to request a FREE copy of the blockbuster Ebook, which has Part 2 in it as well. See, I wouldn’t see you suffering, wondering how the story ends, would I?
Launch party
I was down at the quays early this morning, to see her push off from the Amazonian docks, and man, was it a beautiful sight. Well, was it, Q? Q wrote a very touching little blog post about it, in fact, after hi-Jacking my WordPress account, to make his own site for the book. He’s pretty proud of me, I reckon, and adores all the attention he’s getting.
Down the Amazon with Donna | TheQAffaire
Bonus Q..the voice that might launch a thousand ships
The Q Affaire on Twitter: "A nice book launch day surprise for Donna. I know others are curious about my identity, so feel free to run voice analytics. I'm an old hand at evasion tactics. He he."
Flushed with the success of the hi-Jacking of Donna’s account, and still feeling in a cheeky mood, I decided to surprise everyone by saying “Hello World!” in a podcast of my own. Yup. I got into Donna’s podcast account, too, didn’t I (well, I am a trained expert)? You get to hear my silvery voice and admire my smooth delivery style as I simultaneously broadcast the post over the internal comms. system, AND pass on a few top secret, cleverly encoded comms. into the bargain. Yes, I’m just that smooooth.
A Pome, for your Tome [on the occasion of the Launching of the vessel “The Q Affaire”]
Enjoy your big day Donna, do,
(and bless all those who sail in you)
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Donna Emerald

The Q Affaire, the Donna Emerald comedy thriller set in YouTube's Truth Community. Laugh your socks off, + learn some new stuff you may wish you didn't know.

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