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"The Q Affaire" Newsletter ~ Donna E, Hot Off the Press - Issue #2

This week’s newsletter’s guest editor is Mme. Sossostrus, who Q has become awfully close to, mainly because they both love a good gossip over a pot of tea. Any left for me? Donna E

Donna Emerald
Hot News ~Mme. Sossostris MIA With Bad Boy Crowley!
Thank you, Donna, for that rather mundane introduction to “The Q Affaire” Newsletter subs. I’m just glad you aren’t in charge of promoting my Hermetic cult, “The Order of The Heart”, as they would be falling asleep, rather than on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the exciting news I always bring. Despite my hermetic lifestyle I took off last weekend, for example, to get an birdseye view of the Icelandic volcano, with another astral traveller, Mr. Crowley. I recounted my adventures on my arrival back, although I see you jumped the gun a little, with a series of panicked, hysterical posts, while I was away (see above).
As I keep saying, the Kookistanis trained me well, and I’m highly adept of keeping out of trouble, even while suspended over the mouth of an erupting volcano, while on hols with the wickedest bad boy on the far side of the astral plains! I hope you like the snake draft excluder I picked up for you in the gift shop on the way home - now we finally have the snake mascot we needed for our little cult, with the added bonus of stopping up the drafts in the inner sanctum of our writer’s study . With Q’s assistance and my inspiring supervision, and despite a squabble between the two of you, I noticed, about who got to use the glitter glue gun while sticking it together, we got a logo for our new ESQ TarotTime Team service, that looks fairly snazzy, in no time. With the left over glitter glue I managed to prise off Q’s hair, which he’d gotten stuck to his hand, somehow, I even managed to splice together a “Mme. Sossostis’s Best Bits podcast, too, as I knew potential initiates would be clammoring for more of those. Yes, I’m a marvel. You’re lucky to have me. More T, Q, please (holds empty teapot out, cheerily, putting feet up on fire’s fender).
TTT-ESQ - Our TarotTime Team present: An ancient Kookistani Tarot reading method!
TTT-ESQ - Our TarotTime Team present: An ancient Kookistani Tarot reading method!
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Finally........ This week's Podcast
The Q Affaire
Listen to "Mme. Sossostorous' Best Bits " by Donna Emerald Podcast. ⚓
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Donna Emerald

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