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"The Q Affaire" June's Here! - Issue #9

June’s Here, and the tent pegs are up!

Why am I watching TV on a sunny day, you may ask? Well, because Donna’s only gone and pulled the tent poles up, hasn’t she, and collapsed the whole tent? Said she didn’t want it spoiling her day in the garden, doing her knitting, and chilling out, or giving those chilly LOOKS at trees, or neighbours’ cats, or whatever displeases her. Anyhoo, she’s so chilled out she’s asleep, and drooling all over her mohair knitting (quite absorbent, actually), her mouth hanging open in a most unladylike manner. Knowing our der Lieder Donner, she’ll wake up grumpy if she misses the Newsletter deadline, so I’m in her HQ, writing it, you see. So, why’s the tele on, you may ask? ‘Cos Lt. O'Sullivan, who usually stands on Mrs. Murphy’s roof, to adjust the signal, and ensure the lads lined up on her roof get to see the Pre-Podcast transmission of Der Donner’s Operations manual, has been thrown off it, by Mrs. Murphy givin’ him the evil eye, plus a poke with a broomstick, out the skylight window, that will see him out of action for quite a while. We now have a senior citizen, Mr. Flynn, doing the honors, and he’s let us borrow his TV for the transmission. I’m excellent at multi-tasking, and have the men coordinated to land on the roof the moment the transmission starts. Donna won’t have them in the house, but with their boots off, she mightn’t notice them on the roof for a while.
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Donna Emerald

The Q Affaire, the Donna Emerald comedy thriller set in YouTube's Truth Community. Laugh your socks off, + learn some new stuff you may wish you didn't know.

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