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SW-0441-3659-6507 | Any statements are my own, not @Tailscale's | #pluralgang #enby | They/she please | This bio makes you breathe manually

SW-0441-3659-6507 | Any statements are my own, not @Tailscale's | #pluralgang #enby | They/she please | This bio makes you breathe manually

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I Forgive You

The king looked over to her and laughed. "You fool! Destroy me and you guarantee that another will take my place! You think all of those times we let you win were our accidents? No, we planned this all along. You were chosen for this. We took you from your ho…


The New Gods

Stan Harkaanian ended his band’s show with a guitar riff that echoed throughout the stadium. The set ended a billion dollar worldwide concert tour, performing in 49 cities across the world for millions of fans. “Thank you Olympus and good night!”, he shouted …



I woke up to a dark room. It felt like there were restraints on my arms and legs. Suddenly, there was light. A figure emerged from the darkness. I tried to speak but the words escaped me. "Stop fighting, child. Everything will be easier if you cooperate." The…


Second Go Around

The man looked over to the girl in their car, their new life together just started. At 18 they’d been married, and now are on their way to a new life in the city where he got a new job.A truck had stalled in the middle of the road, he was lost in thought abou…



It’s been months since The Day. The day where my best friend, the light of my life and I had a falling out. After he refused to help me exist, I just left. I went east and just continued on forever. I’ve been sprinting this way since, I want him out of my lif…


Untitled Cyberpunk Furry Story

The recording continued: “And now take a deep breath in through your nose, feeling calming and soothing energy flowing through you”. I breathed deeply, the stench of the local area flooding my mind. It was so foul. The megacorps must have started another prod…


Fly Me To The Moon, Recovered Journal Entry Number 1

Fly me to the moon,And let me play among the stars.Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.In other words, hold my hand!In other words, darling, kiss me.Fill my heart with song,and let me sing forever more.You are all I long for, all I worship and …


New You

"Welcome to the Freedom of Form Foundation. Please stay calm. Here you will be able to create the new you." The sugary voice continued. The white light became brighter and engulfed my awareness. The light started to take form and I looked around as a coffee t…



It all started on the beach. An orca pup had washed up on the shore. I found them and tried to help them back into the ocean. Unfortunately, they had been out of the water for too long and I felt them expire in my hands, just as I had gotten them into the oce…


Mara's Ransack of Castle Charon

Mara looked back and forth across the sights in front of her. She was in front of the drawbridge of Castle Charon. Her eyes were set on the rumors of the ungodly amounts of treasure it kept. It certainly had been a while since it was maintained, worms had eat…



Imagine for a moment, an infinite universe of light and sound, of primordial vibrations. Vibrations that permeate the whole of existence, and create different experiences with their patterns of interference. The holographic universe. In such a place, everythi…


Animal Crossing New Horizons: An Island of Stability in an Unstable World

It has been said before and will be said again (and again), but 2020 has been a chaotic year for pretty much everyone. Some of the main themes of the year has been uncertainty, instability and sudden, drastic change. Right as the first wave of lockdowns and g…


Plurality as Portrayed in Cyberpunk 2077 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2

NOTE: This essay contains spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If you want to experience either of these games without spoilers, go do that and come back to this essay later. It will still be around. And by spoilers, I mean major spoilers t…


My Thoughts on Paper Mario and the Origami King

The series started going away from its RPG roots in the Wii era with the release of Super Paper Mario. One of the things that really stood out about The Thousand Year Door though was the partner system. These partners that Mario picked up over his adventure w…