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Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: The Final Issue

the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: The Final Issue
By Bud Parr • Issue #136 • View online
JAMstack has been my passion from the moment I discovered this wonderful paradigm in 2012. This newsletter along with and the JAMstack.NYC Meetup have been my small contribution to helping promote the ecosystem of tools and services that have risen up to make JAMstack viable as a superior way to develop websites.
Alas, this newsletter takes a lot of time, and my work on my own JAMstack-only web agency has been all consuming this past year. Being a passion project I’ve never spent much time promoting the newsletter or monetizing it. JAMstack is getting all grown up now and it’s time for others to step in. I highly recommend checking out Brian Rinaldi’s JAMstacked newsletter. I’ll see you in our Slack and I’ll continue to make as valuable as I can for the community.

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