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Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: Scaling Up Scaling Down

the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: Scaling Up Scaling Down
By Bud Parr • Issue #129 • View online
We had a great set of talks at our last JAMstack.NYC event. Jeff Escalante shook things up declaring that the best static site might not be static at all; someone even walked out during his talk! Afterward, in our Slack community, we had conversations about website complexity and scale. Not everyone agrees on the right approach, but there’s some serious work going on there, including Gatsby’s new Builds product. I’m happy to see the boundaries of JAMstack being stretched.
No doubt about it, web development entails managing a lot of complexity, but I can’t help feeling that our field leans toward complexity. React, for instance, is developed by Facebook: “the things that we’re doing may not be optimal for you if you are not at Facebook scale or complexity.” Yet, React. Everywhere. It’s worth remembering that the the JAMstack movement arose from the idea of eschewing unnecessary complexity: just enough tooling and infrastructure.
Speaking of just enough tooling, some of us have been chatting about Alpine.js, a new lightweight framework—with no build process—that can be used in your templates (see this Hugo demo); sitting between vanilla JS or Jquery and going all-in on a bigger framework.
Carry on the conversation in our community

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Justin Jackson
Demo: use @Statamic as a static site generator and deploy to @Netlify. ✨

This is the future.

Now, instead of paying hundreds (thousands?) of dollars every year for hosting, you can buy a Statamic license once, and host for free/low cost on Netlify!
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Announcing Gatsby Builds and Reports | GatsbyJS's new and what's next for Strapi?'s new and what's next for Strapi?
GraphCMS + eCommerce
GraphCMS + eCommerce
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