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the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: Jan-18
By Bud Parr • Issue #127 • View online
Question for you folks. The newsletter is big. Lots going on in the JAMstack world every week. Are event listings helpful? Online, for sure, but you are a global audience, so the chance that something other than a big conference is going to be close to you is slim. Let me know what you think, in Slack, or Twitter.
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Built with Gridsome and Forestry and Netlify
Built with Gridsome and Forestry and Netlify
Podcasts & Video
The JAMstack in 2020: Why (and How) to Get Started - Snipcart
Build Your Own JAMstack API with Netlify Functions and Zapier Webhooks, Part 1 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Prerendering is the key to a tasty Jamstack - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
JAMstack Rage, Gandalf, and Apple: 2019 in a Nutshell - Bejamas
Extending JAMstack: 10 APIs and Tools to check out in 2020 | Stackbit
JAMstack JAMuary Series - Week 1 Review - What, Why, Who
Hugo & Zeit Now
Teaching in the open: Eleventy - Webstoemp
Pre-Generate Static Pages With Dynamic Content |
Exploring TinaCMS with Gatsby ←
Build and deploy Gatsby sites using WordPress, Shifter, Netlify and GitHub Actions – Shifter
Cloudflare Workers + Zola
Tools & Services
Introducing DatoCMS's new drop-in solution for responsive, progressive images
1/21 - Boston: "From JAMstack to JAMhack: What makes it so secure?" w Tim Christovich
2/10 - Orlando: Flashback Conference - Certified Fresh Events
3/20 - Toronto Spotlight JAMstack
JAMstack Conf 2020 - London & San Francisco
the New Dynamic
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Bud Parr

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