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Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: Business as Unusual

the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: Business as Unusual
By Bud Parr • Issue #135 • View online
Welcome to the 135th issue of the New Dynamic Newsletter. The first newsletter went out December 3rd, 2016 when Gatsby’s 1.0 was in alpha, DatoCMS was coming out of beta and Jekyll was probably still the biggest thing in static sites. Fast Forward to 2020: Jekyll isn’t discussed too much, but its creator, Tom Preston-Werner releases RedwoodJS, a database-backed web app built for JAMstack. We’ve come a long way from “blogs for hackers.”
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Built with Gridsome, and Netlify
Built with Gridsome, and Netlify
Smashing Podcast Episode 11 With Eduardo Bouças: What Is Sourcebit? — Smashing Magazine
Catching up with Gatsby featuring Dustin Schau (JS Party #117) |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog
Learn About RedwoodJS the Full-stack JAMstack Framework
The Digital Experience Platform in a JAMstack world
Blog - Next.js 9.3 | Next.js
How the new Next.js 9.3 Preview Mode works and why it's a game-changer
Let's make static sites dynamic again! ...sorta | James O'Halloran - Software Developer
Tools and Services
Introducing Visual Open Authoring | TinaCMS Blog
Read JAMstack Conf London Update - Conf Now An Online Event
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