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Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter:
By Bud Parr • Issue #130 • View online
While writing this, I’m watching the presidential debates. It’s funny when the candidates sneak in pitches to visit their website, the one place that tells their story. Not only does that underscore the importance of our field, but also reminds me of the 2012 blog post that got me interested in JAMstack in the first place: Kyle Rush’s article on moving the Obama campaign’s fundraising platform to Jekyll, and how the performance gains of a static website converted to actual dollars.
Jeremy Keith is one of my favorite speakers on the web. I consider his talk “Resilience: Building a Robust Web That Lasts” a classic. His latest post on “Hydration” takes on a much-discussed topic, spurred, I think, by “Why Gatsby is better with JavaScript”. Keith says, of JS frameworks:
All your content is sent twice. First HTML is sent from the server…Then a JavaScript library—plus all your bespoke JavaScript—is loaded. Then all your content is loaded again as JSON…the worst of both worlds: server-side rendering followed by a tsunami of hydration
This is one of the reasons I think a framework like Svelte is appealing, as it’s much lighter weight than the others, compiling to vanilla JS. Alas, in most cases I’ve yet to be convinced that anything more than zero is acceptable if you’re not really using it.
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