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the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: 12/14
By Bud Parr • Issue #123 • View online
The backendlessConf_ is today (see below). Sounds like a great opportunity to hear from some of the vendors in the JAMstack ecosystem.
Also note in events, we are putting together our first event for 2020 in January, with great talks on 11ty and NextJS.
Did you know we’ve been tracking JAMstack related tools and services for five years in the New Dynamic database?

Gatsby +  Snipcart + Sanity
Gatsby + Snipcart + Sanity
12/14 - (online) backendlessConf_ | An online conference dedicated to the frontend
1/14 Scaling Static Sites with NextJS + Progressive Web "Apps" with 11ty | Meetup
2/10 - Orlando: Flashback Conference - Certified Fresh Events
Podcasts & Videos
The Rising Complexity of JAMstack Sites and How to Manage Them | CSS-Tricks
Creating a JAMstack Site with Open Authoring Using Netlify CMS - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Tools and Services
John Otander
⬡ Introducing Blocks (alpha)!

An open source, JSX-based visual editor that we're building.

👩‍💻 Import JSX
🖼 Drag and drop components
🎛 Change props and styling
🧩 Add your own blocks
😻 Export production-ready code
Last night I managed to use @blocks_ui as a field in @tina_cms so I could edit my @gatsbyjs site!

In this video I replace the page's header before adding some text and a footer. Then I switch out of Tina's inline editing mode to see the changes made to the page's javascript file
Evolve authoring experiences with Views and Split Panes
Reducing unnecessary user interaction in Gatsby Cloud | GatsbyJS
the New Dynamic
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Bud Parr

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