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the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic Newsletter: 01/04/2020
By Bud Parr • Issue #125 • View online
I agree with Brian Rinaldi when he says JAMstack in 2020 will move “from a curious niche in web development to becoming one of the primary ways developers architect websites,” but we’ll also see some backlash against the paradigm as developers try to figure out where JAMstack fits. I think developers fall in love with their tools and tend to pick that hammer for every nail. Mission creep inevitably leads to skepticism. What we can do has grown exponentially with serverless and the JAMstack ecosystem. What will be healthy is for us to realistically say JAMstack is good for this project, but full stack is good for that one.
I’ve been playing around with for some small projects. Even though it’s fully headless, I realized for one project that just keeping it full-stack made sense. It’s the first non-JAMstack project I’ve worked on in years! As odd as it felt—warning sirens going off in my head, no no no! must be static!—it really did make sense to take advantage of Ghost’s native capabilities in that case. Yet, for another, I’m publishing the Ghost site to Cloudflare Workers.
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Built with GatsbyJS and Netlify
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the New Dynamic
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