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Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic 12/01

I really enjoyed Knut Melvær's post about "Uncoining the term Headless CMS" among other things, in "S
the New Dynamic
Build Better Faster Websites: the New Dynamic 12/01
By Bud Parr • Issue #84 • View online
I really enjoyed Knut Melvær’s post about “Uncoining the term Headless CMS” among other things, in “Strategies For Headless Projects With Structured Content Management Systems”. There was some conversation in our Slack this week on tools for measuring SEO, including Content Score,’s Measure tool, and YoastSEO.js.

I've got 99 problems but a server ain't one
I've got 99 problems but a server ain't one
12/18/18 #1 — The Rise of JAMstack
Gatsby Days
Gatsby Days
Static Site Generators
How to Build an Ecommerce Static Site with Jekyll, Contentful, and Commerce Layer
How to integrate Netlify CMS with Gridsome? - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Tutorial: Terraforming your JAMstack on Azure with Gatsby, Azure Pipelines, and Git
Serverless: password protecting a static website in an AWS S3 bucket
Tools and Services
Indexing in Algolia using serverless functions (and observables!)
How to Earn Cryptocurrency with your Netlify Site | Netlify
Recently added to the New Dynamic
We’ve separated out Serverless from a broader category in our tools directory. Here are some recent additions, and we’ll be adding more over the coming week.
AWS Amplify Console
New Tools on the New Dynamic
Most of the things here have been posted and talked about in our Slack community:
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