The Metaverse Investor - Issue #1

The Metaverse Investor
The Metaverse Investor - Issue #1
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Leave The World Behind, Yeah.

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Alternative Reality
The veritable avalanche of news,, talking heads, tweets, Telegrams and sudden belief-conversions of all kinds as regards the Metaverse pretty much all begin with the inevitable question, what is the Metaverse. The epistemological irony of posing such a question is so far lost upon any commentator we have seen but then we don’t read much of this stuff as for the most part we can be found gazing very much into our own navels.
For us this is pretty much a simple answer. The Metaverse represents the entirety of the immersive digital world as separated from the offline physical world. It is in short a kind of giant teenager’s bedroom, as in, where do first-world teenagers go when they have had enough of the world and wish to retreat into an alternate reality which they more or less control, at least until the Feds aka. parent(s) come a-knocking on the door? Bedroom, metaverse, metaverse, bedroom. Whether a place to which one can stomp off in a sulk, or as a retreat from genuine difficulties, or seeking out pastures new in which to create, we see the Metaverse as where frontier spirits of all kinds have begun to gather. Individuals, corporates, academic institutions, everyone will soon be at the bazaar, we believe.
And so it would seem to us a rather compelling investment opportunity. One which will no doubt have its triumphs and tragedies like any other. But for what it’s worth, we think the creation of the Metaverse is in its very early stages and has decades of growth ahead of it. We’re old folks here, we remember the birth of the commercial Internet, and boy did that take its time to get going. Several sputtering starts, backfires, false dawns, reboots, whatever. Now running on rails. We expect to see a similar pattern with the Internet’s immersive offspring, the Metaverse.
The Metaverse Investor
Now this here publication, The Metaverse Investor, is our brand-new Metaverse focused newsletter service, which like our old war horse Cestrian Stocks Bulletin comes in two versions, free and almost-free.
Free Version
The Metaverse Investor free version will be published whenever we have something interesting to say on the topic, which will likely be around once per week. More or less often depending on the rate of caffeine consumption in our offices. Chatty and irreverent is how you can expect us to roll.
Almost Free Version
And the almost-free version, at a mere nine legacy dollars per month, will feature specific, actionable stock picks in amongst what we deem to be the Metaverse, er, universe of stocks.
If you like our stuff on stocks - and we’re delighted to say that many do - you can expect the same combination of detailed fundamental and technical analysis, presented in an easy-to-understand style. We’ve set the price for the almost-free version as low as we possibly can so that we can reach as many people as possible. This is a new investment opportunity set, and with that will come many false gurus, shills, pumpers, fearmongerers and all manner of ne'er-do-wells, and we hope to cut a swathe through all the noise by adopting our usual motto of, invest like you’re dead inside. Numbers and charts will rule our virtual world, and as always, we’ll explain everything as we go.
We do think the Metaverse offers a long-run growth investment opportunity set; we don’t think it will transform humanity in the way its breathless proponents claim; we also don’t think it’s going to be a busted flush in the way your grump-pa probably does. We most certainly think it offers a way to sell a bunch more semiconductors, software subscriptions, content subscriptions, ads and devices than would be the case in its absence. And for that we are long the Metaverse.
In the $9/month Almost Free version we will cover, inter alia, the following stocks:
  • Whatever Facebook or Meta is calling itself on any given week
  • Matterport
  • Unity Software
  • Nvidia
  • Roblox
  • Robinhood (don’t worry, we’ll explain)
… together with many others.
We make no claim to wondrous future stock performance and indeed you should very much suspect anyone that does, since nobody knows. All you can do is apply your best work to the question and see how it goes. We can say however that we invest personal money in the picks in the service, so if we’re wrong, it hurts, and we will be very focused on getting it right.
Also, whilst others got there a couple decades back, we were certainly on this topic before the masses. Here’s a note of ours from earlier this year about Matterport ($MTTR). We described the company as providing the extract-transform-load toolkit for the Metaverse. Cue crickets in response. Until the drumbeat started in advance of Mark Metaberg’s grand reveal … whereupon this happened.
Source: SeekingAlpha
Source: SeekingAlpha
Get Our Metaverse Stock Picks Delivered Direct
For your Almost Free subscription you also get exclusive membership of our The Metaverse Investor chatroom, which lives in its own corner of the Metaverse, being our Slack environment. Once you subscribe to the pay service here, we’ll get you access to that channel. It features calm, thoughtful, sensible debate and ideas about how to make money in Metaverse names. It does not feature memes, YELLING, or bad language. It is the opposite of a teenager’s bedroom in fact. Think of it as the immersive, digital version of the parlor. Not Parler. The parlor. Anyway, you’ll see when you sign up.
So without further ado, if you wish to sign up for the Almost Free version, you can do so by clicking HERE. The first members-only issue - with actionable Metaverse stock picks - will be with you later this week.
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 1 November 2021.
DISCLOSURE - Cestrian Capital Research, Inc staff personal accounts hold long positions in FB, U, MTTR, RBLX, HOOD.
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By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc.

The Metaverse Investor is available in both free and subscription versions. The free newsletter covers investment topics as they pertain to the Metaverse theme. The subscription version provides actionable stock alerts and access to long form investment notes and other standing data, all focused on the new Metaverse investment opportunity. All brought to you with the pro-grade standard you have come to expect from Cestrian Capital Research, Inc.

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