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Why you should care about the Metaverse

Cindy Guthrie
Cindy Guthrie
Happy Halloween!
Credit: The Office via Giphy
Credit: The Office via Giphy
I’m going to keep this newsletter short and sweet today since it is a holiday.
Facebook aka Meta was in the news all week.
First, they released information that they’ve lost millions of daily active users in Canada and the US.
Then they changed their name to Meta in preparation for the next evolution of social connection, the Metaverse.
I don’t have any interest in the Metaverse. (Or NFT’s, Blockchain, or any similar technology.) But my fiancé does and has been talking about it for months. Although he’s a few years older than me, he’s way cooler and easily adapts to the times and stays up to date on technology.
It takes major news for me to pay attention to changes in tech.
News like Facebook changing their name to Meta.
Although I don’t care about the Metaverse right now, I’m aware that social media as we know it is due for an overhaul.
Technology is rapidly changing, and if I ignore this new technology, I’m committing career suicide.
Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden via Giphy
Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden via Giphy
If you ignore this new technology, you may be committing career suicide as well.
This week I started an online course at Harvard Online Business School called Disruptive Strategy.
The class started by sharing the story of Blockbuster as an example of a company that was once powerful but is no longer around because they thought they were untouchable.
They failed to take action when their industry was being disrupted by someone they thought wasn’t a worthy competitor (Netflix.)
As part of the course, I was asked to write down a question about disruption in my career or industry that I want to explore for the next six weeks.
I decided to challenge myself and focus on exploring what marketing could look like in the Metaverse.
Maybe you don’t think that this new tech is relevant to your industry or career. But it doesn’t hurt to stay informed of the changes in tech going on around you. You may figure out how to apply it to what you’re doing.
As fast as technology is changing these days, your company or industry could be the next Blockbuster if you don’t notice what’s going on around you.
But the good thing is, when companies look for experts in this new stuff, they won’t be looking for degrees.
These degrees don’t exist yet.
They’ll be looking for the movers and shakers.
The people that know what’s going on and how to apply it to their business. Companies won’t care if those movers and shakers are 18 years old.
Don’t get left behind.
You don’t have to care about something to get educated on it. Who knows, you may fall in love with this new tech.
Have a fantastic week!Cindy
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Cindy Guthrie
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